I’m sure anyone with a social media account has seen the black conscious pages where they blame all homosexuality in the urban community on supposed “conditioning” by the elite through pop culture.  Namely, Hip Hop!

I never gave much credence to it, and still don’t, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see where they can make a strong case here and there.  Check out this interview by Young Thug I swiped from Bossip where he discusses not only wearing female clothing, but shopping in the juniors section at that (As if he’s some sort of dainty fish).  


I’m all about inclusion and even LGBT sensitivity training in the urban community, but what I’m not here for is some of these “strange gays” who want to come out as some sort of mascot for all gays giving already homophobic blacks an even worse impression than they already have.


I’m not judging Young Thug’s path in life, but if he’s going to come out as the first openly gay rapper then he could do better to represent the group with a little dignity.  Walking around in pleather two pieces is ADDING to the struggle.  Not elevating it!  THIS^^^^  Makes me doubt his authenticity! But let’s say it is authentic.  I can see this from any homeless homosexual who moved to Atlanta for a better life.  Shouldn’t a pioneer in the game like Young Thug be coming a tad bit harder?!

Young Thug revealed in the interview that he’s signed to Young Money now so I can only hope they can get him glammed and butched up like they do their other artists!

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