Will other racist establishments follow suit?

Today is Sunday in September in America and usually that means Football, but things are complicated this year. After last years silent protest by Colin Kaepernick resulted in him being blackballed from the league viewers of the sport were forced to make some personal moral decisions. Well..mostly minority viewers because whites really don’t see anything bad happening to black people as a social ill.

Decisions were made and NFL games were turned off. Enter Donald Trump!


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Isn’t he a unifier?!

Roger Goodell didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to his Bucks and released this statement.


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Isn’t it ironic seeing one racist call out another racist for being devisive?

But just like that the “knee” went from being about Colin Kaepernick and police brutality to a sword fight between the NFL commissioner and President Clockwork Orange.

The greatest illustration of that would be Grand Coon Ray Lewis taking a knee after being the most vocal black voice against Colin and the one who claimed responsibility for Colin not being accepted to The Ravens took a knee in dramatic fashion as if he had started this movement. Looking like an entitled old white woman at a black funeral.




“Sinnaz got soulz too datty!”


But then the unexpected happened. The Saints decided to sit down as well. Now. Keep in mind sitting and standing in locked arms are cop outs. Compromises. A way for the bucks to stay in good standing with the rest of the hired hands but not displease massa. Nonetheless its a statement and a small step that I will acknowledge. Especially in these times when it seems some of these sacrifices we’re making are throwing our pearls before swine.

And especially when we you consider these men work under Sean Peyton and Drew Brees who are the poster boys for Modern Southern Confederacy these days. The {alleged} pill popping Sean is always in drama, mess, and accusations of nepotism toward his aged and mediocre golden manboy Drew {Opie} Brees. Those two have a special bond no one can break and Drew has gone on record with his apathy for racial injustice. So I know they had the Dukes of Hazzard Hawt!

Some one else they had feelings types of ways is Chalmette Wing shack Princess Brooke Anastasiadis



She was NOT ok with the protest and turned the game off in her crappy little Wow Cafe and wing shack in the drudges of Chalmette where there’s nothing to do but fish and cook meth.

Anastasiadis was motivated in part because she wanted to show solidarity with members of the military, police officers and firefighters, all of whom are given a 20 percent discount in the store when the dine in uniform.

Manasco added that the WOW restaurant in Chalmette would continue to boycott the game “any time the Saints kneel.”

“The Saints are from New Orleans and we are at Chalmette, and we want to support them, but if they kneel or sit we are not going to show the game,” Manasco said.

She reported that a couple of tables walked out when diners learned that the game wouldn’t be shown, but that most customers “are agreeing with us.”

Now she’s all over Facebook trying to pretend to be some National hero. The problem with this low level patriots isn’t the obvious overtones of racism their Apple Pie comes with. It’s that the way they use it as a marketing tool while thinking no one sees.

This businesses can boycott the Saints all season as far as I’m concerned. Good luck keeping a wing shack in business that isn’t playing the game. The KKK will definitely “show their solidarity”, but I assure you they can’t go without their buckgames for long. It’s in their blood.

Meanwhile failing local businesses will do things like this to drum up attention and white business. I kinda feel these businesses are making it clear who they feel is American and who isn’t so if for any unGodly reason any of my friends, who believe more in the Constitution than some Confederate Millenial’s kkk great grand daddy who died fighting for his own freedom that never included us, are ever in Chalmette I wouldn’t eat here if I were you!

But The Gag is Trump just got everyone to do exactly what we were hoping. Boycott the NFL. And I will not be supporting them out of defiance to him. I want them both to fail. And Brooke’s shitty Wing Shack too.

Now at this time I cannot confirm that the owners of the Wow franchise, The Ballard brothers of Covington, are affiliated with this location or agree with her views. I’ll update you as a find out so we can boycott their businesses as well. 

Ballard Brands formed in December 2012 by brothers Paul, Scott and Steve Ballard. The company’s restaurant portfolio includes retail brands WOW Café, PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, The Original City Diner, and Boardhouse Serious Sandwiches. These brands collectively total nearly 150 locations in both traditional and non-traditional models and continue to grow. Ballard Brands also operates wholesale brand New Orleans Roast coffee, which is sold in grocery stores and featured in an array of locations, including restaurants, hotels, airports and c-stores. Ballard Brands corporate offices are located in Covington, LA

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