“If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been.” ~ Robert Brault

I’ve been blessed with two loving parents, but Dad knows that Mama wins in the favorite parent award.  In fairness to him, you have to be a REALLY good dad to beat out such a loving mother who also carried your for nine months.

I’ve always been a champion for mothers because I know how important they are in the development of the society around us. One of the most valuable gifts my mother ever gave to me was my moral code. When we’re young, mothers are God in our eyes.  We look to them to teach us about the world and how we should behave in it. That’s so important because once a child gets older and develops into an adult, it’ll be those morals they hold on to as they maneuver in this world.

It’ll be your mother’s voice you hear when it’s time to make those life changing decisions and I thank mine for instilling a sense of principles in me that I can be proud of. For this reason I think it’s important that we celebrate the insitution of motherhood and support it as much as we possibly can.  Let’s not concentrate on those who we think aren’t doing as good a job of it as we would like today.  Instead we should highlight the characteristics we’d like to see more of.

Happy Mother’s Day out there to the women who are the stewards of our next generation.  God Bless!

Special Shout out to MY mother of course as well as Nyesha Whitten-Wilson and her adorable daughter Naheemah Wilson who star in this heart-warming dedication to all those who wear the label “Mum” directed by Vick Krishna and Produced by Vicki Yung.  I’d like to dedicate the video to my mom Faye!  Love you Mom!

Sources~ Youtube, Vick Krishna

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