This video is the emotional reaction Michael Sam had to becoming the NFL’s first openly gay male to be drafted to the league. At first it looked like no one would touch him but in the 249th pick he became a member of the St. Louis Rams. He was joined by his boyfriend…..Vito.

**Shade Break**

Look, there ain’t nothing but love for the gays on VitaminQ, and I know I’m going to get shaded for saying this, but his little “boyfriend” Vito is giving me the same vibe all those other black athlete’s white girlfriends are giving me….and the black ones for that matter. “Oooohhh  my man den made it!” And I’m not feeling it too tough.  Something about it isn’t ringing authentic to me. A lil too…rehearsed.

The Kiss. The rubbing. The crying.  All seems a little “staged” if you ask me. It’s going to be hard to express that point without sounding like a gay basher or a racist, but something about the whole scene just seems a little “we know we’re about to be in the history books so let’s make it REALLY gay.” But if you’re happy then I’m happy.  I just hope you aren’t letting anyone exploit you for their own agenda.

**End Shade Break**

So congratulations Michael! I hope you and Vito have a great celebration night….and ummmm…yeah!  Good Luck in St. Louie!

P.S. Any shade u detect in this article obviously has nothing to do with Mike’s sexuality.  I’ve been throwing distaste at the entire Draft process this year.

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