I really don’t mean to be everyone’s Debbie Downer , but I’ve seen the Micheal Jackson Billboard Music hologram performance and I wasn’t as moved and life-induced as everyone else on social media. I mean…I feel like if Micheal were to come back down to Earth for any reason then God would send him with his natural born features. I suppose when you’re making holograms you can only use the video you have to work with which is probably why they shouldn’t be doing holograms.

Aside from all that it’s still very creepy to watch the music industry profit off of dead black artists since they sucked them dry like vampires while they were here. Micheal worked hard enough in this world to deserve some peace in the afterlife. 

Now that all that shade is out of the way, I have his new album and really like it.  I’m in support of the album…just not this

I’m not sure this shameless exploitation is sitting right with me, but I suppose we they could have given us another mediocre performance by one of their talent-less Disney Club alumni, so there’s a blessing in small favors. Click Here if you want to read all the planning and preparation it took to pull the holographic performance off.

What did you all think of the hologram performance?  Loved seeing Mike in any shape or form, or prefer to be left to your memories?

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  1. Jade 5 years ago

    It was rather creepy. I enjoyed the one with Tupac because it wasnt an obvious ploy to rob his grave. This was just a low blow.


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