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To bad none of us are gonna see the effects.  BY 10 a.m. Tuesday, the Dow was up nearly 90 points to 14,216.70, erasing the previous record set Oct. 11, 2007 at 14,198.10.  I am not an economist or a stockbroker,you can read CNNMoney for all of that, and you’re not about to see a lot of charts and graphs explaining to you in fancy terms the ramifications of this event.  I’m merely gonna give you this laymen’s perspective and that is…”We’re Fawked!”  NO..seriously.  Fawked!  We’re just glorified slaves to them, and this probably just made it worse.  They are Getting Munnie

Getting munnie and we’re left counting breadCounting bread


Don’t get me wrong.  This is gonna be great news for rich white men.  Champagne is popping and they will be making it rain in celebration I’m sure.

Making it rain

However, it’s gonna be awful news to regular Americans.  I know what you’re thinking.  “How could this be awful news?”  Well think about it like this.  Our unemployment rate is soaring and wages are still not up to the numbers they were pre-“recession”.  The Dow has just doubled from its lowest during the “recession” in March 2009.  So companies are operating with fewer people, paying them less money than they were making five years ago, and walking away with record profits.  Do you see any incentive for them to start hiring again or to increase salaries?   I don’t.  That’s not the Capitalist way and you don’t need to get your hopes up thinking they might “Do the right thing” with their profits and reward the workers that contributed so much to their success.  All this does in their minds is validate the course of action they are on and  not to fix what’s not broke.  

Throw money up

Actually news like this upsets me.  Job Fairs and open hirings are starting to look like The Hunger Games with companies making big announcements of 25 open positions and 5000 people showing up.  Citing a slow recovery from the recession as the reason they can’t hire more workers, but these numbers prove that isn’t true.  

I’m sure it’s like Fat Tuesday on Wall St. right now, but here on Main St. its just another day in the struggle!  Crying ove rmoney

What are you thoughts?  Is this good news for average Americans!

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