Viola Davis gives a stirring speech after becoming the first woman of color to win the best actress in a drama series award at the 2015 Emmys on Sunday. Davis, the star of How to Get Away with Murder, speaks out against the difficulties black women have traditionally faced in getting lead roles: ‘You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.”

Congratulations to Viola on a job well done. How to Get Away With Murder was one of the best new shows of last season and V did an amazing job. I’m in complete agreement with Viola’s speech. The only thing I will add is the need for variations in black roles which is why Viola’s win was so deserved. There were so many layers to her character that challenged the status quo black roles that she was able to really sink her teeth into it.

But my main position will always be that WE should be creating our own roles. Even if they never make it to T.V. Asking them humbly and submissively to include us in more of their stories will not get OUR stories told.

Again, congratulations to Viola! Can’t wait to see what she’s got for us this season!


“Yesssssss muvva lotion”

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