Wherever Chris Brown goes mess is sure to follow.

From ABC News:

Armed suspects broke into Chris Brown’s home in Tarzana while the singer was not there. Police say the suspects locked Brown’s aunt inside a closet.

The singer’s aunt, who was alone inside the six-bedroom house in the 19600 block of Citrus Ridge Drive, heard commotion at the residence around 2 a.m.

Eyewitness News has learned that she was confronted at a bedroom door in the house by a group of men, described as African-American, armed with handguns and wearing either masks or bandanas around their faces.

Investigators said the suspects locked Brown’s aunt inside a closet while they ransacked the home. She was not hurt during the incident, police said.

Eyewitness News has learned that the suspects took cash from the aunt, a laptop and a cellphone before fleeing. Police did not know how the suspects got into the home, which is located within a gated community.

It was not known if she called 911 from inside the closet or after the suspects left.

Brown arrived on scene following the home invasion to speak with detectives but left around 4 a.m.

Investigators are looking for four to five suspects and were utilizing surveillance footage from the area to help track them down.

In May, a woman broke into Brown’s home in Agoura Hills. She was arrested for felony burglary and vandalism.

CB’s Joyce Hawkins mom is certain she knows who it is and has no problem telling everyone as she tweeted today “Watch who you standing beside.

CB is not shy about broadcasting his gang affiliations. For years he and his mom have butted heads over his “no good ass friend” with his association being the main cause of their strained relationship. Even sources close to CB’s baby mama, Nia Guzman, says the woman is afraid for her daughter to be in his company. (Maybe now the child’s grandmother saying the child needs her own security make a little bit more sense. Why introduce your daughter to a bunch of gangsters then leave her defenseless?) I agree with her. I’m not sure how long he thought being the King of the Bums was going to run smoothly, but it seems his friends are ready to play a Game of Thrones….The price of Royalty I suppose! 

Kings die everyday!

If I were the rest of Chris’ friends and family I’d avoid his calls till things cool down. (Don’t wanna catch any stray bullets)

Qmunity what say you? Agree with his mom that it’s his friends?

Agree with his babymama that Royalty isn’t safe around him and his gangster friends?

Think maybe it was an inside job for insurance money? (No Shade)

How long till his neighbors offer to buy him out?

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