That seems to be the question everyone is asking today, and if you ask me the answer is YES!

Hip Hop power couple Young Thug and Birdman (Or Baby or Daddy) have been named along with one of Young Thug’s fellow goons  Jeffrey Winfrey (PeeWee Roscoe) in an indictment that claims the three conspired to kill Lil Wayne in April when his tour bus was shot at leaving an Atlanta venue after a performance. PeeWee was arrested for the incident.

These reports come via WSBTV’s Mike Petchnik’s Twitter, and the reporter startses that even though the charges are against PeeWee he was only carrying out a plan devised by Baby/Birdman/Daddy and Young Thug. They are using Young Thug’s video “With That” as evidence since PeeWee is featured prominently holding an assault rifle in a song that disses Wayne. #SmartMove


This tragic love triangle has gone on for months now, and it shows no signs of slowing now that it’s escalated to this level of violence. All this began when Wayne accused Birdman of stealing his money and holding up his new album. Birdman matched the accusations with pettiness by trying to make Wayne jealous with Young Thug who named his album Carter 6, a direct diss at Wayne. 


The only thing sadder about grown black men behaving like this is that they are from New Orleans and hundreds of this thugs in this city look up to them. It’d be great if they could set an example for street maturity and street unity. Wayne made a lot of money for Cash Money, and the thanks he gets from Birdman is an assassination attempt? (And we wonder why black business is suffering?)

Personally I think Thug Bonnie and Clyde did it, and are being quite brazen about it. Birdman throwing liQuor at Wayne in Miami last week was real tacky and the actions of a disgruntled abusive lover stalking his ex. The type that shows up to work to kill you. **Lightbulb** He actually DID show up to ex-bae’s job to kill him. (Boy can I call em).

Qmunity do you believe the dynamic duo tried to off Wayne?

Do you think this is more business related?….or personal?

Answers in the Qomments section!


{Source:Complex; Twitter}

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