Warsan Shire, a 27-year-old powerhouse writer, who was born in Kenya to Somali parents and raised in London, England. She  became an instant “Spoken Word Icon” when Beyoncé released her long awaited visual album ” Lemonade”. 

Warsan’s beautiful, deep and thought-provoking words became the literally the Nucleus that catapulted Beyoncé back where she’d always knew she’d be again. She’s already known  in the States and abroad as a compelling voice on black womanhood and the African diaspora. In 2014, she was appointed the first Young Poet Laureate of London. From all I’ve seen she has a quite an impressing following that can rival the beehives without the vicious bite.  Warsan is a published author with the following books, “Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth” in 2011 and “Her Blue Body” in 2015. 

Her online fans made One of her most-quoted prose poems is “Difficult Names” here’s a the quote;  “Give your daughters difficult names. Give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. My name makes you want to tell me the truth. My name doesn’t allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right.”  Back in 2012, she recorded the spoken-word album “warsan versus melancholy (the seven stages of being lonely”. You can check out the album here, https://warsanshire.bandcamp.com/album/warsan-versus-melancholy-the-seven-stages-of-being-lonely

warsan-vs-melancholy2Warsan’s ” Lemonade” collaboration with Beyoncé was top secret and in true Beyoncé fashion she allowed no leaks. Even Warsan’s main publisher did not know she was working on this project. Even people with connections in both worlds were surprised when the project dropped. Everything was  super secret she could not even alert booksellers to stock up on her books. Lemonade was of course tailored for Beyoncé. The collaboration of course switches pronouns, expands metaphors and does word swaps. However  the creative process played out , this woman gave Beyoncé the Album and project of her career. Within hours after #Lemonade previewed, her books were sold out.


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Warsan herself, kept mum, she did do a private screening for some of her closest friends but she didn’t actually say anything until this past Tuesday when she tweeted out a link to the album and thanking the mutual friends of she and Beyoncé for connecting them. She tweeted ” Yorsa I hope you’re proud of us”. Yorsa passed away from Cancer in 2014. I imagine she must be extremely proud at what she put together. Beyoncé and Marsan choose some of her best works to date, The Poems heard in #Lemonade were, “Warsan vs Melancholy” , ” Dear Moon”, ” How to wear your mother’s lipstick”, ” The unbearable weight of staying”, ” For Women who are difficult to love”, and ” Nail Technican as Palm Reader”. The poems really were real, raw, and every woman can relate. So where can you get more of Marsan?? The internet of course. Shire maintains a Twitter, Instagram, and a blog. Marsan will also be releasing her new book, currently entitled, “Extreme Girlhood, her first full collection of Poetry out later this year. The Book is also being turned into a film adaption.

warsan4( Photo Credits: Araweeloabroad, NYTimesLive, )


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