Another off season, another young black LSU student in trouble with the law.  This time it’s sophomore defensive back Jalen Mills who turned himself in 2 a.m. Wednesday morning to the Baton Rouge Police Department on LSU’s campus on an outstanding second degree battery charge stemming from an incident last month at his Highland Road apartment complex in which he is accused of punching a female in the mouth. #SayItAintSo

The victim told police she was looking for a friend of hers and knocked on Mills’ apartment door May 4 at approximately 1 a.m, BRPD spokesman Corp. Don Coppola, Jr., said. Mills opened the door and then closed it in her face so she knocked again. She walked away but said she heard someone say something behind her and when she turned around, Mills punched her in the mouth.

The victim said she fell to the pavement and was briefly knocked unconscious, Coppola said. She also suffered a laceration to her lip that required four stitches.

Mills was identified in a six-person lineup by the victim and a witness, who corroborated the victim’s statement.

After identifying him as the suspect, investigators contacted Mills, who told them he was in Houston and would not return to Baton Rouge until June 9, for summer school, Coppola said. Mills failed to show for an appointment with investigators Tuesday at 5 p.m. He did not respond to telephone calls that day and a felony warrant was issued for his arrest. Investigators eventually contacted Mills through LSU.

LSU football players have been no stranger to the law over the last year

It was the sixth arrest involving an LSU football player in the past year. Running back Jeryl Brazil was arrested three times before being dismissed in November while defensive back Kavahra Holmes and defensive lineman Frank Herron were also arrested. Holmes left the team in December and transferred to Southeastern Louisiana and Herron remains on the roster.

LSU has had 12 football players arrested in the past four years, according to an unofficial count last year by | The Times-Picayune. 

To be fair, LSU is on the bottom half of the list for SEC teams in trouble with the law.  So far this year the top three are as listed~

Texas A & M – 9

Tennessee – 10

Georgia – 5

LSU coach Les Miles has suspended Mills indefinitely, LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette said in a text to | The Times-Picayune. The incident was first reported by His bond has been set at $7,000 with the stipulation he not contact the victim, a prison spokesperson said.

I’m not going to pass judgement on this young man until his side of the story is released, but from the facts we’ve heard so far he’s making some poor decisions. Lots of people do at that age, but another thing we learn at that age is that decisions have consequences. Being young, and dumb is n excuse for throwing away opportunities others dream of.   I’d really like to hear why such a popular athlete would think he could assault a woman and not have to hear about it again. I’m sure some will attribute it to athletic entitlement, but that would be unfair. As much as cases like these are sensationalized, they are the minority. Rationalizing dysfunctional behavior with the athletic entitlement excuse does not take into account personal character.

While I’m not quite ready to believe that this young man would just “knock out” some innocent woman knocking on his door, there also aren’t too many good excuses he can offer in his defense. I think this would be a great opportunity for coaches and parents to reinforce grooming young athletes, especially blacks, on what’s expected of a figure in the spotlight. The spotlight comes with a downside.  Just as they will highlight your successes, your failures will be up for public consumption as well. 

Based on the facts we’ve been presented with so far, I’m in agreement with his arrest and suspension from the team.  Sounds like he needs some time to himself to get his shyt together!

Qtips what do you think?  Should we wait to hear his side?  Or will no excuse you hear be good enough?

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