August Alsina took to his twitter to blast a City of New Orleans  for not allowing him to throw a community event in his hometown and I can’t thank the singer enough for speaking out on an on-going problem here in the city. Alsina partially blamed his celebritism for the snub, but put most of the blame right where it belonged….Race! The gentrification of New Orleans has been a tpuchy subject here. Right before our eyes the lack community is being pushed out to the east where crime has risen as a result. The crime hit a crescendo over the last couple weeks with the bodies of two dismembered girls showing up on the side of the Interstate.

Apparently this has effected the Nola singer deeply so he he decided to throw the event as a community healing to show his concern. Food, drinks, and attractions were already ordered and paid for by the Auggie, but when the city started playing funny with stipulations the frustration became too much for him to hold inside.

These people made me jump through so many hoops and loops to get what I’m trying to do done. They threw everything possible that they could throw at me my way to try to discourage me from doing this for the city. I don’t get it because with all of this going on, you should be all over the fact that somebody is trying to bring some positivity or some light to the city while there’s so much darkness.

He’s right tho…. there’s nothing but darkness here. He cites that an event thrown by a previous entertainer was the excuse they gave him for the run around.

So basically, you put a stereotype on me because of god knows what,” the singer said incredulously. “You know, actually it’s because I’m a black man and because of whatever the other black man did, that means that I’m going to follow exactly what he did, too. I find that pretty fucking selfish and hurtful, because everybody ain’t the same, man.

Poor guy. He’s been gone so long he forgot how this city works. He forgot that “selfish” and “hurtful” were our cities colors along with “Blood red.”

I exhausted every resource possible, and you come shut my campaign down before I can even get it started and that make me feel played, but not because of the money I invested,” Alsina argued. “I feel played not only for myself, but I feel played for my city cause I feel like ya’ll want us to kill each other.

Uh oh. It looks like Auggie is about to stumble into enlightenment. He’s starting to sound like one of those pesky kids that never lets the creep get away with it on Scooby Doo. I almost think he “gets it.”  He’s learning some valuable lessons right now.

I’m making the video to shine some light on the fact that I always hear people say, ‘When people get on and make it, they don’t do nothing for the people. They don’t give back. They don’t do nothing for they hometown,’” he lamented. “But there’s only so much I can do, bruh. There’s only so much anybody can do. At the end of the day, all you can do is try, and I’m trying

I see you trying August. And I’m really proud of you for speaking out against something that matters. I know they’ll call you a race-baiter, and I know they’ll say things like “well it would be hard to keep it safe.”  But THEY created the conditions that’s brought upon the deterioration of the black community into what it is now, so they aren’t going to make it easy for you. But You helped more than you know sir.

I also support these because you are right. They WILL say you never tried, but don’t let this keep you from trying again in the future.

Check out AA’s video Tweets Here and let me know what you think. Personally, I’m letting him through because I know how “preferential” the officials are here. If I were to suggest anything to Auggie I’d say reconsider doing an event like this. Challenge yourself to come up with something that will last evev after it’s over. Even if it’s small scale. Don’t let them win and don’t let them keep you from spreading light. I’m also fully supporting him since the city just welcomed with open arms the Naked Bikers riding through New Orleans last weekend.

{Source: Twitter, NolaDefender}

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