It’s summertime, so Usher knew it was time to Come Through! Usher very rarely disappoints.  He’s back with his classic sound (And none of that techno stuff) just in time to give us what the other R&b kids have been too busy with inner conflicts to give us.  Uncle Ush has been doing this consistently for the last twenty years, so they should pull up a seat and learn a thing or two about a thing or two. He’s back with “Good Kisser” Check it out!

I’m riding with Usher this summer because I love how he keeps Adam Levine all bothered and jealous on The Voice. Got Adam dying his hair blonde just to be seen. He was the pretty one when Cee-lo was on there, but gone are the days.  Usher is just such a natural.  It’s that Libra charm. Get’s em everytime!

Qmunity is it just me, or is Usher back to his Pre-Tameka swag?!


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