It was like Christmas for the GeeQs this weekend as we were offered several “first looQs” for next year’s superhero blockbusters. First up is the Superman Vs. Batman Dawn of Justice!

I Love the dark, epic mood of the trailer. They very clearly outlined the themes they will be presenting. Here are a couple that stuck out for me.

The fear of power

Batman seems jealous and mad. All I’m really getting from Bruce Wayne is that he feels like his money should have made him the most powerful person in Gotham. Now that someone with some real power is around he can’t take and it starts to consume him while Khalel is absolutely unbothered. The penis envy theme of this one is so overt they may as well have had them standing at urinals in a gas station bathroom with Batman peeking over.


The fever. The Rage. Turns good men…cruel.

Oh I see what they’re selling. What they are always selling. That (and sorry to make this about race) white men do bad things because they’re pushed and they always started off meaning well. They just can’t take that they don’t measure up to true gods and it doesn’t sit right. So war, genocide, and destruction is the only way to even things up. That fever and rage is called insecurity.

dawn of justice3

People hate what they don’t understand.

Did mama Kent drop some wisdom or what

Be they’re hero. be they’re angel. be anything they may need you to be. Or be none of it. You don’t owe this world a thing. You never did.

I aint heard wisdom that good since ya girl told Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice~

Most of you young girls don’t know you cooch from a hole in the wall. That’s why all I do is dress and rest because love don’t live here no more! (Or something like that)

I guess this resonated with me because I feel her. You trying to save humans before you even evaluated if they deserve salvation…from themselves. That dark, but deep.

He is not our enemy.

That’s the blessing right there. One percenter Bruce Wayne has made Superman the symbol of his own insecurities when all Superman is trying to do is be Great! (Now who does that sound like?) Work with him for the common good instead of feeling intimidated. Remember who the real enemy is. This petty shyt is for humans.

Qmunity what did you think of the trailer?

What about my selection of themes? Reaching or Valid?


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