Greetings Qool Hive. There’s a video floating around featuring the once beautiful South Central and In The House actress Maia Campbell missing teeth and trying to buy crack viral in the Digital Streetz right now and it has me angry at how apathetic we’ve allowed ourselves to become when it comes to black suffering and mental illness.

Maia Campbell has had a long and documented history with mental illness. Her mother worked tirelessly to keep her healthy, but when she lost her mother, the only person who loved her enough to keep her well, she ended in the place where most blacks in this country end up when they can’t mentally take care of themselves. On the street and the prey of society’s lowest.

A couple of years ago we saw a cleaned up Maia and it looked like things were getting better. She was back to looking absolutely gorgeous and had even landed a job.

I’m not sure what went wrong, but the recent video floating around in which some scumbag is secretly recording her while selling her crack was too much to get through and it damn sure won’t be found on my site. 

But what really bothers me is “what entertainment value is there in showing a woman who continues to sink lower and lower into the drudges of society?” Yes she was a famous actress, but this goes beyond some starlet having a bad run. We’re literally watching the black Requiem for a Dream. And bloggers are sharing this to meet their CliQ Quota while pretending they’re empathetic.

What kind of person records this?

That man in the video is a black man. I want him arrested. He incriminated himself as a drug dealer. 

I’m so angry at the way this video is being presented. 

We’ve already seen her at this point. We aren’t bring awareness to anything. The witchdoctor Iyanla even pretended to fix her life. Her problems are so well known that we really have to start looking at the people further exploiting for the dark souls that they are.

The only thing that can come from this is to further desensitize us to black suffering moreso than we already are. The woman said she had just been raped the night before. What about this makes someone turn on a camera? I keep asking this because the people that record this think they are being so cute, but they’re trash.

I’m sure it makes me angry because of my own story to find balance in my own anxiety problems while black New orleans and the Digital woke crew villainized me. So I’ll always kinda have that bitterness. That knowledge that no matter how much bullshyt the black community preaches about “Unity” and “You Good Bro” I know that’s all it is. And nothing exemplifies that than everyone cheering on JayZ shading a diagnosed and mentally ill Kanye West. 

It’s so odd watching blacks beg whites for the compassion they don’t give each other. Especially when the first thing we do when we see a black person in distress is pull out our camera phones.  I can’t even watch the video it hurts my heart so bad. How could someone have filmed that? Keep in mind that crack dealers deal with this type all day. Everyday. This is their clientele. This is how so many get rich and become the “bosses” you’ve come to respect. 

We have to move to a new place in regards to New Media. Even myself. I love to write and talk about what’s trending, but my conscious will always hold me back from doing what the Big Blogs do everyday. The Qulture they promote to fuel their egoze. That’s what happens when you start taking ad dollars. You have to produce the cliQs and it becomes “CliQs Over Everything.” Even your conscious.  

Which is odd since we’re always whining about how we’re portrayed in the media.


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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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