By this time it’s obvious that Tyrese Gibson, singer and Fast and Furious actor, was discovered by Coca-Cola and the short bus to special school. Ever since he created a Facebook account I knew it would be problems. He’s that special needs cousin we all have that you pray NO ONE in the family tells him about social media. And the minute someone does those special needs the family tried keeping close to the cuff are now on display for everyone.  He speaks his mind. Unfortunately he’s not too bright. However, he doesn’t know that because he’s rich and it’s become everyone’s problem.

I don’t have the energy to catalogue all his antics. He does the absolute MOST at ALL times.

If he’s not shading his ex-wife and calling his new {invisible} wife THEE blueprint of womanhood for his daughter then he’s trolling Dwayne The Rock Johnson for being a hotter draw to the Fast and the Furious franchise than he is. he’s consistently petty with life advice for every black woman on the planet {That his color-struck ass has absolutely no interest in.} He calls what he does “Daily Motivations”, but it just be a lot of HurtBoy Logic from someone whose mental development was stunted along the way somewhere.

Let’s just stick to this week…

Miss Rese has been in a battle with his ex-wife Norma over a report she filed claiming child abuse against the singer/actor/drama queen. She claims at one time Tyrese spanked their daughter Shayla so hard she couldn’t sit down. Norma has filed a restraining order against him, and since then it has been The Miss Tyrese Show. He even rented a plane to profess his love for her over her school and all her classmates. {It’s always all about him}

Apparently things got to be too much because he released this video on Facebook {Proving there’s no one in his life who loves him enough to put restrictions on his iPhone}


I’m not sure I woulda posted that

In this video Tyrese tries to break down several times, but I never got the goosebumps. I’m not sure he fully committed to the roll. I wanna be compassionate, but it’s really hard with Tyrese. It’s clear he has some chemical imbalances, but you have to WANT the help. Earlier this year he got married and was telling everyone he found a black queen worthy of him. Now he’s out here acting like massa just sold off Kizzy.

I know that in some cases good men can be driven crazy by manipulation and strategy, but Tyrese comes off truly unhinged and I could definitely understand how a person co-parenting with him would have concerns about the safety and welfare of their child when he is with them. 

Social media has taken his narcissism to heights none of us could imagine. It’s inflated his ego so much that he seems to think he’s more important to the Fast and the Furious franchise than The Rock is. Ever since it was announced that The Rock would be receiving a spin-off Tyrese has been very vocal with his jealousy concern that The Rock’s movie would hold up production of the next FATF and, by default, his bag. 

The Rock has been FAR more gracious than I would have been. {With great muscles come great responsibility} On the same damn he’s having breakdowns over Restraining Order Court he had a little time to give FATF producers an ultimatum. It was either Him or The Rock.


Sis bout to mess up her last.bag! Where is his wife? Last I heard she was pregnant, but I’m gonna need someone to do a wellness check because this is devolving unsub behavior. #CriminalMinds 

Tyrese seems to think his emotions trump everything in every situation and that that’s how a grown man should behave himself. This breakdown is his realization that things don’t work that way.

Maybe instead of spending this time panicking and overcompensating and proving to the court of opinion what a “great guy” you could go BE that great guy and get yourself together for the sake of your child. Because Good Fathers put the child first. Not likes, shares, and retweets.

After going in on The Rock he went back to crying about his daughter and claiming she’s the only one he cares about.

I’m innocent ! repeat I’m innocent ! did nothing to my baby…….. Don’t he get caught up in her monologue she’s been running with this monologue for 11 years………. finally I️ stood up for myself finally ! no longer wanted to live MY Alice in fear of what she might DO or say NEXT!!!!! When you finally fight people wanna fight YOU!!! Visionaries BOLD people of God – ! will get back to entertaining you guys as a entertainer soon…… Right now NOTHING I️ repeat NOTHING ELSE MATTERS BUT MY DAUGHTER……. ! hope you got to kiss your babies last night before cause I️ didn’t……. Take care.. “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition”. – -Steve Jobs- #DaddyDaughterSeason

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Then of course he went back to posting about his “Fast and Furious Family”

Sis don’t have anything but Time and Energy. You see why I just Can’t?

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