Miami rapper Trick Daddy (born Maurice Young) was arrested last night for cocaine possession.  From the looks of his mugshot he apparently just got back from HELL only to walk into all this mess.

According to the Miami Herald, Trick was arrested by Broward County Sheriff’s deputies late last night (April 3). After a search of his South Florida home, the rapper was charged with multiple felonies including cocaine possession and possession of a loaded firearm. He was also charged with driving with a suspended license. Making matters worse, Trick Daddy is a convicted felon and is not allowed to be in possession of a firearm.

Trick Daddy reportedly suffers from lupus but has refused treatment due to the side effects of treatment drugs. He was reported released on $6,100 bond this morning.

I hate to see people deteriorate.  Obviously Trick needs healing hands laid upon him to touch and make whole.  I hope he finds the peace that he looks so obviously disconnected from at this point.  But reading the full details of his arrest I’m not sure if Trick’s rights weren’t violated during his arrest.  But when you walk around looking like this it’s hard for people to want to take you on as a cause.

Read the full details of Trick’s arrest HERE at the Miami Herald!

Good Luck Trick!  (Get your shyt together..and please get a Hot Baff when you get out)

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