The transgender rumors have followed Eddie Murphy. As beautiful as his ex-wife is I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that more proof she actually had those kids wouldn’t hurt. Those rumors aren’t about to die down anytime soon with the new attacks coming from a transgender that refers to herself as Honey Dip Ashton.

Honey Dip implies that she and Eddie have been having an affair since she was 17 and apparently now that things have run their course she won’t just let Eddie throw her to the side for younger mangina.  She’s tweeting and getting Eddie’s lawyer recorded on speakerphone.  This bish means business and I doubt Eddie’s going to be lucking enough for this was to fall out of an open window like the last who dared imply Mr. Murphy was on anything less than the straight and narrow. ( I kid I kid)


Click here for the first Audio link of Honey Dip’s convo with Eddie’s attorney

Here’s part 2 where Honey Dip and the attorney seem to be making a deal

Oh Eddie……**sighs**  get with gawd…because Honey Dip is not trying to hear being replaced at this point and time without bringing down as much of your life as humanly possible.  

I’ve never been a fan of the disgruntled exes of celebrities using the media for mad day, and I’m not a fan this time either. All I can do is urge you to pick partners with as much to lose as yourself to avoid these days.  You won’t be judged from my PC Eddie, but I’m looking down these digital streets and they not looking as accepting as I. 

Qmunity how do you feel about Honey Dip’s public attempt at “outing”Eddie? 

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