The urban community is always going on and on about rap’s contribution to society.  While I’ll never dispute that rap has been very influential, I wouldn’t be so quick to call a lot of it a “contribution.” Sometimes you have to strip something down to it’s simplest form to see it for what it is, and I think this video exposes this modern R&B/rap hybrid for exactly what it is.

“These hoes ain’t loyal”. Smh. This little boy doesn’t know what he’s singing.  Imagine whose face he attaches to the words “rich nigga” and “hoes.” Granted, this boy is half way around the world, but think what all the other races are being brainwashed to think.  Think about what our own children are being brainwashed to think about themselves. We can do better!

But even after all of that, I still think he’s got a good voice.  If he found a different song, I’d let him through!

We need a cultural shift!


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