On any given day in these Digital Streetz you will always find some coven of black respectables telling you not to follow, like, or share The VitaminQ. It will most always be black feminists, some ambiguous race “person of color” over compensating for blackness, or one of these toxic blacks from New Orleans. They’ll back it up with screenshots of me saying all sorts of nasty things over the years….and most all of it is true. I said that shit. I dragged their ass mercilessly on a thread back in 2014. I’m forever damned to hell so why not enjoy the rest of my social media days saying what the fuck I want? I can be so utterly disrespectful, disobedient, and unruly in the way I express my thoughts. Do I wish I could have expressed myself differently? Not really. With a do over I probably would have done it even worse. You see, I do believe that black men have the right to tell our stories independently of if it offends whites or black women. And just because Liberal media has put black women on a pedestal to pander to them for ratings doesn’t mean we have to censor the parts of our stories that paint them in a bad light. Because Lord knows EVERY media platform loves a black woman’s “black men aint shit” narrative no  matter how many times its told. But this is my redemption. The taming of the digital shrew VQ.

You see when the “cop shoots an unarmed teenager” started trending and the blatant racist thoughts of sociopathic Anglo Americans became a thing coupled with the passiveness of the Obamanites telling us to fight it with love….it made me angry. REALLY angry. And I don’t say nice things when I’m angry. I barely say nice things when I’m happy. I’m a horrible person. I’m a “Bad NiGGer.” All the “Good NiGGers” were able to take all that anger and forgive, give out hugs, and express themselves without cursing or offending anyone. I wish I had those qualities. That’s why my fellow blacks had no choice but to label me a “Bad Nigger” and report me to the same white supremacy they claimed to be fighting against….Mark Zuckerberg. The same man who sold all their information to whoever would buy it and now they’re telling us to boycott Facebook when our profiles are in Facebook jail anyway. They also took away my plate for the cookout and giving my ticket to Disney Africa {Wakanda} to Tim Wise.

“Feeling Free”

Along with trying to launch a free thinking black media brand in an age of political correctness, I was also dealing with the social pressures of living in New Orleans {Where the poor education system is exhibited in daily life} and watching it go from a chocolate city to vanilla. So I was in no mood to be the polite Pollyanna so many bourgeois blacks adopted as their religion. We were losing everything and here we had “activists” submitting in exchange for guest lectures at private WHITE institutions and insecure blacks who never felt they fit in giving away every fibre of black pain away for a little attention. And wanting to be praised and called magical while doing so. We had to “celebrate” a generation’s discovery of shea butter and coconut oil, and I spiraled into cynical place….but it was warm and there was lots of weed.

“Oh this feels right!”

The Ivy league Obamas brought in a period where blacks were only allowed to be angry a certain way. The only people allowed to express anger were frumpy black women with black glasses with the “everyone always tells me I speak white” voice with natural hair, and constant scowl who can give you a 5000 word think piece about anything at the drop of the hat full of pretentious sociology terms she’s been dying to use since she graduated and found out that degree pays no money fueled by the scorn of failed relationships or the angst of a shaky sexual identity. 

And no disrespect to all of those amazing attention whores activists who whined about first world bullshit shared their stories. I’m sure someone found them interesting. But the whole “if we express ourselves really intelligently white people will treat us better” game plan never seemed like the way to me.  But all the dorks were able to rise up on social media and take the lead in what was actually an organic revolution of social unrest. It was not our responsibility to humble our speech toward white supremacy, and {Quiet as its kept} worshipping black women as deities wasn’t the answer either. But it was a great mindfuck for compliments by a group that will tell you they never get them at the same time they’ll tell you they are tired of their bodies being watched and commented on and never being able to go around men without unwarranted advances and superficial compliments. Black women formed gangs to systematically attack other blacks whose thoughts they didn’t like all because CNN gave them a little coverage. The whole “Can you believe this person would call a black woman anything less than a goddess even though she just called you a weak ass faggot that she’s stuck doing all the heavy lifting {Think pieces} for” movement created division. No one is acknowledging it, but we’re at a place where no one can deny it either.

The word count is at 500 and I don’t wanna ramble on too much because this is supposed to be my redemption. So I do apologize that I couldn’t express my disdain for racial disparities in justice in this country without cursing. I’m sorry that I did not accept the black woman as my personal lord and savior and I talked to her as I would anyone else on social media, and mostly I’m really sorry I couldn’t be like the other second-lining, creole worshiping, non-voting, but wondering why the city is phasing the black population out citizens of Black New Orleans. I’m also sorry that all those warnings I used to give about how they’d use “crime” as a marketing tool to “clean up” black neighborhoods and move whites in, give them money to open businesses, and hold jobs for out of town whites black New Orleanians took as insults. I’m also sorry that I’m so completely cynical as I watch them have town hall meetings about those very problems when it’s actually too late to act and the damage is in full effect.

“I told ya so b****es!”

Just so you’ll know there was a time I thought to myself “Maybe I was too harsh and let me soften my approach since most of this isn’t my anger at the oppressed, but moreso seeing them fall for the same tricks over and over” and during this time I did start to make positive steps forward…until some passé blánc “woman of color” millennial reported one of my old responses to her shallow, vapid, pander clickbait response to MY response to a mutual facebook friend’s post. Then I figured “well if my words are always going to harm me then fuck these bitches. I’ll say what I want and if they’re feelings are hurt then one less attention whore crying for attention to deal with.” I’ve never met so many “strong” people who cry all the time about things they read on an app they can close at anytime, but if this is the “New Black” we’re fucked. And for that “I’m sorry.”

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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