With entertainment so readily available to us these days we are always looking for more to feed the beast. At any given time I can see requests from 10 different posters on my newsfeed asking for suggestions. So here’s one of those suggestions. The Adulterer is a short film written, directed, and produced by independent New Orleans film maker Gian Francisco Smith of Progressive Black Entertainment.

I found it to be a stylish, unpretentious, moody, and intriguing short on a theme that I personally feel has been overdone, but still managed to come off fresh and unexplored.

The film stars Gian as a restless husband and Nicole Collins as the effervescent tempstress.

I loved the colors. I loved the script. I loved the pace, and I love BlackStar Books & Cafe in Algiers, La. 

Gian and Nicole were each enigmatic in their own ways as the husband and “the girl.”

His devilish, plotting eyes wincing back to boyish and innocent whenever he started to realize he’s the bad guy, and the way The Girl’s body bounces so cooly with every syllable she speaks and how believably she appears to be unaware of it was spot on.

I had a chance to talk with Gian about the feature. Since it’s a short too many questions will give away the plot, but I did want to talk to him about his take on adultery and his future projects.

Of your two adulterers Was their a perspective you favored more?
Definitely the woman. Although we only see a small glimpse of her perspective, she’s the most enigmatic, and therefore leaves the most to the imagination.
I thought so as well. There was just something about that Nicole. But after seeing the ending I feel so betrayed trusting her. Whose the true villain?
Temptation, complacency, dis-satisfaction
Very interesting. Throughout The Adulterer I found it carried the same feelings of foreboding and unknown terror a science fiction novel would have regarding the end of the world. Does spending the rest of your life with someone feel like the end of life from this perspective?
I would say, in my limited experience with the ebb and flow of monogamy, that seems like a feeling everyone deals with a certain points. I think in most relationships there’s a hump you have to get over. Sometimes that hump doesn’t happen for a few years when you realize a relationship is work and not an everlasting honeymoon. Sometimes it’s 30 years down the line when you look up and realize that neither you nor you’re partner are the same person you were when you entered that contract. The ones who make it together and eventually thrive as a couple have to deal with that same feeling (as well as other feelings) as the ones who don’t make it because that feeling is too scary to continue. But everyone has to deal with it at some point I believe.
That type of thinking rings of a lot of growth and experience.
Lastly. What is it you’d like to leave the audience with after The Adulterer? Or are you leaving us? Will you continue The Adulterer narrative or introduce new themes to the audience?

Initially, when this was a stand alone project, I think the goal was to tell a story I thought could be both genuine and interesting. A lot of people step outside of their monogamous relationships (or fantasize about it), and a lot of people know their own story or reasons why. So I think it’s a relatable tale, but one that is still empowered by imagination. 

But then after showing it to a filmmaker I wanted to work with, I was introduced to by my co-star Nicole Collins a different goal arose. He asked me the question “So what’s next?” And I think what he meant was ‘where are you taking the story?’ And I had an answer in my head to that question. I knew (for the most part) how the characters’ lives played out after this encounter, but for whatever reason I hadn’t thought to offer that ‘next.’ I had even had conversations asking people questions like “What do you think happens with Harold and his wife?” Just so I could see if people were arriving at the conclusions I had hoped they would after watching. But I hadn’t thought to just go ahead and answer those questions for them… until he asked me “So what’s next?”

So I’m planning a couple of things. I want to complete a 3 season 7 episode per series that I will distribute on my own through YouTube of which the first episode will be basically the same story, but re-booted and tightened up mechanically. And I also want to shoot a 45ish minute pilot that I can use to pitch to some networks. Hopefully enough people see and enjoy the series that I can get on the radar of the gatekeepers in Hollywood. 

I honestly really can’t wait for people to see where this story goes. Hopefully ill be able to raise the necessary funds to show the world ‘what’s next.
Ever since Hollywood South left Louisiana for Atlanta there’s been a void in local storytelling. I like the way you tell a tale Gian, and I’m excited to see what’s next.
Please let The Qmunity be the first to hear what’s next!
Most Definitely!
The Adulterer also stars Canae White as the wife who just got done too dirty. Sis deserved better. Aint none of em about shyt girl!
Qmunity, Do Qulture a favor. Check out the film and comment in the youtube section. Share it with a friend and force Gian to get to working on the rest of the story!
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