On Amara Le Negra‘s appearance on The Breakfast Club I found Charlamagne The God and DJ Envy a mix between dismissive and ignorant in their conversation about colorism in the Latin community.Even going so far as using Cardi B as an example that colorism in Latin America could be all in her head. I found The Breakfast Club’s apathy to be disrespectful to Qulture.

Of course the panel jumped right into damage control on The Rumor Report to which they basically told everyone they didn’t care that they were mad and that they had questions that needed to be answered, so they asked them.

Here’s the ONLY problem with their defense that colorism in the Latin community is some foreign concept to them. As a black man who clearly bleaches his skin and another black man who no one knows what his ethnicity is to pretend they aren’t aware of skin tone bias in ethnic communities then maybe you should stop presenting yourselves as these urban renaissance men. Perhaps listening with an ounce of humility might be a better approach when talking about things you claim to know NOTHING about.

To me this is too serious a topic for these clowns to act all flippant and nonchalant about. Charlamagne sat there pretending Amara was speaking a foreign language. Like he had never heard of such things while sitting there with foundation 3 shades too light for his complexion and always referring to DJ Envy’s lighter complexion with passive “envy.”

Charlamagne goes out of his way to act like NOTHING is a big deal and everything should be attacked with his gimmick rudeness. He still wants to be his old hero Wendy Williams, but maybe it’s time he and DJ Envy step aside so actual black men can have the spot. Black men educated on the nuances of black life and not just what goes on in their borough.

And don’t think it doesn’t go unnoticed by my how Angela Ye is always standing to the side letting the bucks get their licks in while she tries to smooth over their juvenile behavior. I used to think she was the level headed mediator, but now I see her as the enabler!

Qool Hive do you think The Breakfast Club rudely invalidated Amara‘s experience, or were they just seeking answers?


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