Recently Lil Wayne has come under a lot of Heat for his disrespectful lyrics in the Future’s “Karate Chop” remix.   You can read the full story here at the Washington Post.  Strugglers have now offended me in a way that I will never forgive them for.  Ever!  I now sympathize with Lil Wayne. I hate tapping into that spirit, but I’m sure that he’s just as confused as I that anyone has decided that NOW is the time to correct him on his disrespectful behavior.  Again, we have another case of letting someone do whatever the hell they please for so long then getting mad at them for doing whatever the hell they please.  In my opinion its hypocritical of the black community to call foul over this when they let so many other incidents of self-disrespect pass on a daily basis.  Don’t get me wrong.  I believe that what Wayne said was vile, disrespectful, vulgar, misogynistic, and ignorant.  However, I believe that everything Lil Wayne says is vile, disrespectful, vulgar, misogynistic, and ignorant.  To his credit, I’m actually surprised that a Lil Wayne even knows who Emmitt Till is.  Sadly, this might be the closest any of his fans will come to a Black History education this month.  Maybe we should thank him for bringing awareness of Emmitt Till to a group who will never understand how hard the previous generations  fought so that they could rap about using their penises to beat women!   It will always be my perspective that respect is a constant.  Not something we drag out of the closet on holidays for company and pretend its how we act all year!

I fully support the family’s outrage on this. However, I think they should take it further than Lil Wayne and address the blatant disrespect that most popular urban music has for the Black community and its forefathers who didn’t have the freedoms we do.  Our present environment has made it very comfortable for rhetoric like this.  What’s even sadder is that if the family had not spoken up, there never would have been any problem.  How can we demand respect from other races when our music is so disrespectful to ourselves and those that have died to earn it?  Thoughts?

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