Overdramatic title much?

I don’t think so. I think it’s the crux of why the country is so divided. Trump voters will have you believing it’s because blacks “whine” too much and that BLACK LIVES MATTER is a hate group, but that’s the binding agent in this American curse we’re all under attack by right now. Those denials. Those blatant lies. That confused face racists in power get when you point out to them that their behaviors and procedures change based on the race of perpetrators and victims. The survive off Plausible Deniability around here and it just may have caught up to Sheriff Newell Normand and his Dep-teeze.

By now EVERYONE has heard about the Road Rage incident spreading across the country. I’m right here at Ground Zero in Jefferson Parish and its like bittersweet manna that one of the most notoriously “biased” Sheriff’s Department in the country. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s office.

Writing blogs like this you have to be VERY careful with since Sheriff Newell Normand has made it clear most of his “evidence” comes from trolling the Digital Streets for hearsay and gossip. And the J.P.S.O. is known for their vindictiveness. They do what they want, when they want, to who they want, and know they will not have to answer to anyone. They might have bitten off more than they can chew with this one. Now that the story of this road rage incident has hit the national platform he might have to answer to more than a Parish that silently encourages

On 12.1.16 Ronald Gasser {driving a blue infiniti coupe} and NFL player and local football star Joe McKnight {Driving a grey infiniti SUV} had some sort of incident on the Mississippi River Bridge headed to the Westbank here in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

The two cars were still confronting each other heading down Gen Degaulle, making a right on Behrman Hwy and ending at a red light just passed the Orleans Parish line now in Jefferson Parish territory {That’s important to know for later}


It is then said that Joe got out of his car and approached Gasser’s passenger side window when Gasser shot him from inside his car.

However witnesses say that both men were outside of the car and that Joe was begging for his life when Gasser shot him dead screaming “I told you not to FuQ with me!”

Cops came. The investigated. Gasser was taken in for “questioning” and released the next morning.


Sheriff Newell Normand scolding protestesters and social media for dare questioning his authority!

Sheriff Newell Norman {Known affectionately by me as Boss Hog for obvious reasons} gave a press conference 12.2.16 to explain the release. Instead spends most of the time blasting social media subscribers and potential protesters. Informs the world the no one will interfere with his investigation and that he is ruler of the universe in Jefferson Parish. He’s the law around here.

When asked about any prior incidents in Gasser’s history Sheriff Normand scoffs, rolls his eyes, and begrudgingly answers that there might have been an incident 10 years ago but he doesn’t know the details.

Here’s the Gag tho…..Gasser was arrested for a ROAD RAGE incident at the EXACT SAME LOCATION!

The Deets:

The February 2006 road rage incident involving Gasser was also the result of what was at first a verbal confrontation, according to JPSO. The victim in that case, identified by JPSO only as a 51-year-old man from Marrero, called 911 to report a man driving dangerously in a pick-up truck along Holiday Drive in Algiers. JPSO said the driver was later identified as Gasser.

The victim noticed a phone number listed on the truck to report unsafe driving and dialed the number. Gasser answered and told the victim he was driving the vehicle, according to JPSO.

“A verbal altercation began between the victim and Gasser,” over the phone, JPSO said.

The victim then stopped to refuel at the gas station at Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard, according to JPSO.

“It was at that time Gasser, who had followed him into the station, confronted him and began to strike him with a closed fist several times,” the press release said.

Gasser then drove away from the station, the victim told JPSO in a 911 call after the altercation. JPSO Investigators, at a later date not specified in the press release, found Gasser and issued him the summons. The battery charge was dismissed, though JPSO did not say when.

“We will continue to research this matter in order to determine the reason for the dismissal. Once we are able to determine same, we will report the outcome of our review,” the department said in the press release.


Also in the Press Conference…..

Sheriff’s office is still in the process of trying to locate witnesses still out there. Sheriff stated that he cannot give an account as to why these witnesses are still out there however he “can’t wait” until they are located so that his office can “set the record straight”

An autopsy was completed about two hours before the press conference:  The coroner stated:  wound to left hand, right shoulder and exited in his back, wound in the chest that exited in lower back.  Wounds not consistent with being shot above from the ground.

He also stated that Gasser never stood above the victim and only had his gun INSIDE the car, but this photo here will show Gasser pacing manically {just like witnesses stated but Normand said were lying} and the gun on the back of his car. If he fired the shots from inside then why is the gun outside of the car.


Thank you TMZ for bringing national attention to the bias here.

In the above picture the victim appears to be in between the cars but in this photo they’re doing “CPR” on him behind the car.


Sheriff stated that this isn’t about race and the “gentleman that raised Joe McKnight, Jr used to be a deputy for this office. But here’s how he brings in suspects accused of killing his own in “other” cases….


The JPSO released a new booking photo of Jerman Neveaux, 19 (Source: JPSO)

I’d also like to bring up several points the public and the Big Platforms should be concentrating on. I’m sure when Normand reads them he’ll be giving another press conference telling you not to listen to the blogs but he gets away with this stuff all the time and the local Klan in charge of this area all knows how to get around the law because their cop buddies train them.

  • Was there a toxicology done on Mr. Gasser? Jefferson Parish is notorious for its Suburban drug problem. Most of the people riding around are high on something. There’s drive through daiquiri shops everywhere. I know Normand doesn’t like being told what to do and the public’s trust is the last thing he desires. But the way he picks and chooses when to follow procedure is splintering the Parish.
  • The fact that this is at the same exact corner is something I want you all to keep in mind. The significance of this corner is that its literally the Parish line on the Westbank between Orleans Parish and Jefferson Parish. It’s like “Home Base” for white delinquents from that those childhood games or it’s The ShadowLands for black delinquents evading capture in orleans Parish. There were plenty of lights, intersections, shoulders, and neutral grounds to stop and have this altercation the miles they were following each other. The fact that he got bold at THIS particular corner not ONCE but TWICE and both times it was completely ignored by J.P.S.O. is extremely troublesome.
  • After his release J.P.S.O. used tax payer’s dollars to protect him by placing two officers at his house as guards. He must be very valuable to them for some reason because there are witnesses who testify against gang members here that don’t get that kind of protection. 
  • What type of relationship does Gasser have with J.P.S.O. that his continuous crimes are ignored.
  • Who are these phantom witnesses Boss Hog is looking for that are going to be so much more credible than the eyewitnesses he’s already discredited because their accounts don’t match his narrative?
  • CLICK HERE to see how Sheriff Normand handles “other” suspects here locally.
  • Do you believe for a second that a black assailant with a history of Road Rage would be home right now? 

Of course I’ll be covering the story cautiously until Boss Hog sends his goons after me. Now that Normand’s bully and biased police tactics are receiving the national attention they deserve things may not change, but at least we won’t have to walk in lies about what it is any longer.

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