SZA finally released the highly anticipated visuals for her infectious side chic anthem, “The Weekend”, from her 5 time Grammy nominated Gold album CTRL and its a lazy, eclectic mess.

I can’t lie. I was adverse to the themes presented in the lyrics but these millenials are going to do what they want, and it grew on me. So much that if a friend told me it inspired her to accept part time status with her man I’d actually understand. It’s been a breakout hit and a career definer. Which is why I was expecting more than….THIS. Opportunities were missed when Solange was chosen to direct and decided it should be “Cranes in the sky Part II”.

Solange and Sza are talented women. Solange has been crowned the princess of eclectic black music with her “Seat  at the Table” cycle {But even with that talent the Black Girl Magic trend allows her to put out “safe” art and being over-congratulated for it. No shade}. It’s obvious from this video that no one around her tells her “No”, but this was a failure that didn’t have to be. This is merely my personal opinion today. Maybe some loved it. If you did I’d be eager to learn what it is I missed. Or perhaps it will grow on me like the song did. {I doubt it though}

Artsy and eclectic doesn’t always translate into “deep.”

Sometimes it comes off pretentious, lazy, shallow, and uninspired.

A video that should have focused on the weekend instead focused on how side chics with nothing to do fill their time during the week.

Sis, you don’t have a superstar sister to fall back on. Make the most of your opportunities.

The good news is the song is still a hit and she’ll probably pick up a few Grammys. So there’s that!

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