Controversial R&B performer R. Kelly is “the devil,” according to one of the multiple women featured in a new Lifetime documentary series aimed at shining a light on the singer’s alleged sex crimes.

Titled “Surviving R. Kelly,” the three-part doc features a number of Kelly’s female accusers recounting abuses they say were carried out by the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer, including imprisoning women in a “sex cult” and committing sexual acts against underage girls.

Lawsuits against Kelly have clogged the court system for decades.

He’s been sued repeatedly over the years by women claiming he had sex with them as teens, before they were legally able to consent. Accusers include former Chicago choir girl Tiffany Hawkins, who sued Kelly in 1996 for sex acts said to have occurred when she was 15.

In addition, the doc looks at Kelly’s 2008 criminal trial, in which he was charged with 14 counts of child pornography after a homemade video appeared to show him engaging in sex acts with an underage girl. Kelly was acquitted by a jury when the identity of the girl could not be proven.

Kelly’s sexual history with minors dates back to at least 1994, when the then-27-year-old married 15-year-old pop singer Aaliyah. The marriage was annulled in 1995, and, it was later discovered, the marriage certificate falsely lists Aaliyah’s age as 18 so that she could legally wed. She died in a plane crash in 2001.

To date, Kelly has never been convicted of a sex crime, but as the trailer for “Surviving R. Kelly” proclaims, “There’s a real story.”

“Shame on you!” voices chant in the trailer, while an accuser calls him “the puppet master.”

“Surviving R. Kelly” will feature more than 50 interviews with accusers and high-profile insiders such as John Legend, Wendy Williams, Kelly’s ex-wife Andrea Kelly and Sparkle, who testified against Kelly in his 2008 child pornography trial.

The first installment premieres on Lifetime Jan. 3.

Source: New York Post

Look. I’m sure everything they say about R. Kelly is true. I’m not a supporter and from court documents of his many victims he sounds like an awful person. I really hope that the victims get the just they deserve.

In addition to that justice I would also like this justice to extend to the system of sexual predators in the entertainment industry and beyond. 

I want us to use the same energy we use for Bill Cosby and R. Kelly as Harvey Weinstein and Catholic Priests. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Platforms led by white women seem to be extremely focused on getting justice for black predators. I won’t stand in their way. It just sucks they don’t seem to be AS focused on their fathers, brothers, uncles, priests, and Presidents.

Even Megan Kelly had the victims on her show, but then said she doesn’t see what’s wrong with whites wearing blackface for Halloween.


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