So often we believe that once a person makes it to where we’re seeing them on television or the movies then that person is automatically rich and will always be. Come to find out they thought the same thing. Well so many are learning the hard way that simply is not the case. This week’s struggler is Mekhi Pfifer.

I gotta tell ya that sometimes I get it and other times I don’t.  Dionne Warwick going broke is understandable because ,frankly, how long can you live off “That’s what friends are for?” (She had to split the check more than a couple ways. However, Mekhi has had a good amount of movie roles and was on ER ffor long enough to be doing better than this.  Once again it comes down to not how much you have, but how you manage.

TMZ is reporting that MP was in bankruptcy court literally begging them not to take his leather bed.  In legal docs filed last month Phife claimed about $67K in assets with a debt of $1.3 million. As is always the case, most of the amount comes from backed taxes owing $1.2 million to Uncle Satan Sam, $50K in lawyers fees (not so bad), and $4,500 in back child support (you know they always gon try and slide that back child support in there).  Docs also stated that MP spends about $11,600 a month while only earning $7,500. 

I’m nto going to run down all this man’s personal affairs like TMZ was so petty as to list his assets as a LEATHER BED, 12 year-old Segway, and his firearm collection consisting of a shotgun and 2 9 mm’s.  I’m bigger than that.

Life’s a struggle out here and we’re all in it. Uncle Sam is always going to want their cut before you get yours.  If you have two dimes, he wants 15 cents.  

We’re not judging you Phife, but it’s time to get on your grind son. You’ve worked too hard to let your legacy be a leather bed!

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