Stevie J continues to sink to all new depths of sleaziness in the latest video released by him and on-again off-again love interest Joseline Hernandez. In their latest addition to BlaQ Qulture they serve the kids pucci eating metaphors and electrical tape against the backdrop of a struggling horse ranch.

I’ll let you all form your own opinions, but its a Chop for me. I guess they’re taking the “we’ll be so bad that we’re good” approach, but I think the Qidz are tired of gimmicks in these cyber streets and really need something a little more than this. The Qidz are putting out better production with no name Android phones than what I’m seeing here. All I hope is that somewhere Gawd just wrote down him simulating wiping pucci juice from his scraggly gotee and will make him answer for it later. ¬†Thats the only thing that gives me some sort of comfort in all of this.

I know many of my Qmunity members watch Love and Hip Hop (I Don’t). Maybe you can tell me if they’re serious or not.

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