Me and my fellow shade agent Tupacca Shakur were wallowing around in mess on when we came across a story that left us both of puzzled, and even a bit disturbed.

It all began when the former Flavor of Love star accompanied a young man to his high school prom.  Everyone side-eyed, but she explained it away by calling herself an Instagram sensation doing a favor for a loyal Instagram follower.  I bought it.  I mean..what else could it be right? 

The kidz at the Shade Room weren’t having that.  They found out who the boy was, tracked down his Instagram, and laid Ms. Delishis’ mess on the floor like they were sorting a months worth of dirty clothes. Actually 59 weeks of clothes because that’s how far the relationship goes. This is obviously more than a casual friendship.  From the pictures and captions I’m seeing, they are in a full-blown relationship.  It really makes you wonder what legal lines have been crossed because they speak as two people who are really “intimate.” Look at the pics and you tell me.

Here are the “morning after” pics posted on their separate IG accounts where  you can clearly see they are the same room.


Disturbing huh? It doesn’t end there.  The entire IG is full of personal pictures, and captions that show that they are indeed a BIG part of each other’s lives.  Deelishis can even be found getting jealous like common #Fish on one of his threads when he posted a pic of him and another girl. 




Even after all these pics, one could still say that perhaps Deelishis is doing some weird publicity stunt or she’s doing a good deed by making him popular right?  That’s what i said too, but the young man has a daughter about the same age as Deelishis’ daughter and they seem to be playing some weird version of “House.”








This is where she got jealous like she thought she lost something!


But I guess they made up!

I’m still trying to believe this is some sort of joke.  You know?  Like a way to make a youngster popular, but I just don’t find it very funny, or a healthy way of going about it. This is a grown woman, and he is obviously a little boy. Granted, he has a child, but that doesn’t make him an adult. The message it sends is that they are in an illegal relationship.  This kid is underage and she is a woman who has been around the block more than a couple times.  You can’t play with the minds of impressionable young men like this. Especially making him believe this type of struggle dynamic is what a mature relationship is about.  These Old Tramps calling themselves cougars to relive some years that never happened is getting to be a bit too much to take.  I’m not bashing a grown woman’s desire to be desired, but why involve a child in your narcissism?

Sometimes I feel like we give older women molesting young boys a pass because boys are supposed to be the sexual aggressor.  There are women that prey on society’s blind eye, but make no mistake that they aren’t just as sick as the men who do it. Why don’t we protect out young men as vigilantly as our young girls.  If this was a young girl with R. Kelly we’d all be like……….Oh wait…….we didn’t care then either. What was I thinking?  We don’t talk about sexual abuse and it’s results in the black community. Ladies, I implore you to leave these young men to these young women.  You’ve had your day. Sometimes it’s better to be shown to a seat instead of a jail cell!

Qmunity am I looking too much into or would you allow your high school age son to have a relationship with Deelishis? 



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