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I promised that I was only gonna write about Southern Charm New Orleans when they have me some mess to work with and I think I got some. And I feel absolutely no guilt for exploiting them for hits the same way they tried to use gays for some views over the last couple weeks. But as someone who eagerly embraces The Shyts I can’t be mad

“watch da breakdown.”

We’re on about episode 5. The events I’m discussing here happened from like Episode 2 to 4. I’m gonna review their mess situational instead of chronological. Anyway.

So Jon Moody, the young black bachelor artist of the bunch, had a “guys night” in which he invited all his married and involved friends to a function that involved a bunch of naked women. It had something to do with art and business and bullshyt. That’s all I can tell you. Barry, Tamica’s husband knew damn well he wasn’t gonna let his wife find out about this midway through her 8th bottle of wine on some random night so he got in front of it and texted her to let her know the setup of The FuQ Shyt going on. Tamica arrived VERY soon to collect her man.

Tamica and Jon picked up the conversation about The FuQ Shyt {the only way to refer to Jon’s “Guy’s Night} the next chance producers gave them. At a party given by fellow cast member Raegan Charleston they were both telling their side of things when Jon’s friend, and internet sensation, BlameItOnKway was invited into the conversation to give his opinion by Jon. Kway starts going back and fourth with Tamica in what I feel was an overly bytchy manner for someone not really being involved in the situation. I feel like Jon might have been intimidated by Tamica and brought Kway in to handle his case. Well since he brought his boyfriend in to fight his battles it was only fair Tamica brought in her’s {Which is bigger and stronger}.

From there things got even worse and Kway said something to effect that he wanted Barry to hit him so he could sue and that when Barry called him a “faggot” {Say that shit with your chest}.

The next week’s episode show’s Barry all broken up and guilty about throwing the slur around. The episode ends with Tamica’s cousin Jared hanging out with everyone, hearing about the gay slur thrown around and chiming in to offer tears and an emotional arc. After which Barry proclaims he’ll never use the word again and “Thats One To Grow On!”

Look..I am the FIRST one to pretend to be mad about things for likes, clicks, and attention. I also love to call out toxic homophobia in the black community…….when it’s valid. I personally feel Barry’s being too hard on himself for nothing. Because as far as I’m concerned you can also get these slurs. Point.Blank.Period.

Everyone knows I am NOT straight. I’m also not the one to let people disrespect me and call me out of my name. However, I can be pretty disrespectful so if someone decids they wanna dig deep and call me a faggot then I’m not gonna run around crying about. I’m pretty sure I can think of something way worse to call them.  “Hurt people. Hurt People.”

Jared’s whole little “I Have a Gay Dream” speech was cute, but I’m not personally gonna sit around crying to straight kids about how much they hurt me. {NEVER give them your tears}

And the thing about it is Jon as ALL the way in the wrong. Like in EVERY way. And Tamica nor none of the girls should trust him. He knows she and Barry aren’t having sex so why dangle pussy carrots in front of him? It’s sneaky and Kway was bitchy, catty, and purposely provoking the situation. Since Barry couldn’t hit him he had to hurt him so I’m ok with how things went down. Now it also exposed that Barry might be a little bigoted and waiting to get it off his chest, but at least everyone knows where they stand now.

I know it might be hard for many of the modern day gays to forget our chivalry with these women because they are so overbearing, BUT arguing with one LIKE one in public doesn’t look the same from the outside as is does when you’re in the moment. 

But Barry it’s also not right that you let your wife get all liquored up and you set her loose on unsuspecting party people while you dip away for a break then after she’s offended EVERYONE there you wanna jump in and act like her savior. That’s not how this works. You need to chaperone her at all times and apologize to people after every sentence she mutters to avoid this typa shyt. EVERYONE can DO BETTER here!

This wasn’t a situation where someone was discriminating on anyone being gay. It was more like letting someone know that ANYONE can get it. And isn’t that what inclusiveness is all about?

Anyway. I wrote this blog while pretending all of this melodrama wasn’t contrived for storylines. Next time they try and use gay oppression within the black community for superficial views I won’t be so kind. The argument between Kway and Tamica almost tested my patience for REACHING. As well as the aftermath. Like that person telling Barry they couldn’t do business with him because of the slur like these white people aren’t calling us much worse. 

I really just wanna take this time to add that even on my own newsfeeds I’ve watched men and women go from toxic homophobic bigots to understanding, empathic, and considerate people through my bullying and shaming tactics. So don’t be too quick to give up on black people. No matter how rich they pretend to be we’re all struggling. I love that Jared took his soapbox moment to give an insightful and well worded speech. I actually see the progress among us. 

That’s just my shady interpretation…..of the situation. I’m sure you have one as well. I’d love to hear it in the comments.

Sidenote to Kway: When Trade brings you along to the function…don’t make it weird. 😉

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