And I’m going to just start this post by agreeing with them while at the same time slightly hating on them.

The first episode of Southern Charm New Orleans on Bravo may have been an awkward snoozefest, BUT it did bring in over a million viewers so I offer my congrats to the cast. And as the shadiest blogger in New Orleans I feel its my duty to find the shade where I can with this show.

To be fair, most reality show first episodes are kind of boring unless Mona Scott has coached you on how to beat up people you just met for ratings. So I’m willing to let their story unfold. 

But aside from the snoozefest we did get glimpses into the social structure of their groups led by their perpetually tipsy Queen Bee Tamica Lee. I love the  trainwreck and unpredictability of Tamica whose the daughter of the late New Orleans Saints superstar, Bivian Lee II, and her brother Sonny Lee founded the Son of a Saint organization in his honor. Tamica has been a Saintsation, weather woman, and is now the host of News with a Twist. She and her husband Barry {Isn’t he dreamy} are the couple at the center of the series and recently gave an interview to Grio that is raising eyebrows. It was cringeworthy and oblivious to say the least but I couldn’t disagree with all of it, but most of it was some bullshyt. First was the racial make-up of the group.

“The south is still more racially tense than the rest of the country. I think it may be rare to see a blended group for some people but this is how I live my life. There are 20 different experiences in New Orleans. You have totally different areas all next to each other within blocks of each other and so we can’t say we represent all of New Orleans. I don’t represent the ghetto or the blue bloods,” she explains. “I feel like I am the new movement of what NOLA is which is made up of diverse, movers and shakers, socialites of the city. That’s who we are. It’s the most popular and happening part of town that we live in. My group is my group. We don’t deal with race too much in our group of friends. We do talk about it, but it’s not a big issue for the most part when it comes to our friendships.”

I can accept this. New Orleans is racist as hell. And Tamica’s best friend is white….probably because her father was a pro football player. But one thing that really irritates me about living in Klan country is how progressive people think they are for having cross-racial friends. To the point where its like a bragging right and I’m like “Calm down. You grew up rich. Of course you were gonna make white friends.”

I also didn’t know Old Metairie was the most happening part of New Orleans but perhaps it is…..on the low.

But Barry was the first to start with The Shyts! {I’m liking Barry because I’m seeing a lot of “I don’t give a fuck and at any moment I’ll let you know that” from him.}

We’re not everybody’s flavor who is black. Where we live, its a more affluent area of town. Most black people who live here are affiliated with the NFL. You don’t feel a ton of racial tension and we haven’t had people say anything crazy to us when we are out together. There’s more racial tension coming from black people toward us because of where we are from and how we live,” says Smith. “People are just so stuck into this stereotypical idea of a Black families as if Black people can’t have money or be successful. They buy into the notion that we are supposed to be living paycheck to paycheck or struggling financially and that’s not the reality for everyone just because they’re Black.

Scratch that. Don’t let him talk anymore Tamica. I need you to sober up and Help me Help you!

Look….I’ll be the first one to tell you that the blacks in New Orleans are a bunch of hating ass crabs in a bucket. They’ll destroy your good name because they’re bored that day and its a VERY relationship-based based city. And most of the relationships are toxic. We drink and secondline to overcompensate for so much and hurt people hurt people.

Where he said “Blue Bloods” I’m not sure if she means the old money whites of Uptown, or if she meant the “Blue Vein” creoles from Gentilly. Either way, she’s more apart of that click than she’s aware. I’d hardly call their little click of stuffy professions “the progressive, hip crowd” but I let people build their own worlds. They seem {to me}  more like the Junior Blue Bloods. I just hope none of them think they come off “down to Earth.”

The fact they think the ONLY reason someone would not like them is because they have money seems a little cliché and shallow. Like I’m sure if they dig deep enough they’ve found reasons to not like each other so why wouldn’t others find these same qualities? BUT there is a lot of truth from the statement that this is a VERY traditional city and when you break from those traditions, even in a positive way, they will punish you for it.

But Tamica found some more liquid courage and let it ALL hang out with this next statement.

Barry and I are a team and we do what we do for our family because everybody hates on us and throws shade and its really more from Black people than white people. I get it a lot just for being a Black woman who is doing what I am doing. I don’t care,” she says. “If you hate me and you’re still watching me then you’re still a fan so it’s great. I have a husband whom I love and children who can adapt to any situation and are making straight A’s and I’m so proud of them and that’s what I choose to focus on. In my mind, I’m succeeding at life. I have job I love and I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. I eat healthy, I take care of myself, I look good. I’m happy so that’s all that matters.

I hear ya sis. And I agree. But…to be fair….and no shade sis….You say you and Barry haven’t been having sex lately. Both of you are good-looking people. All couples hit a snag, but I’m sure it’s not easy sleeping next to that big, strong man and not getting an D. I know I’d be drinking more than usual to cope. And perhaps if I was out and about drunk and offended someone I would tell myself the reason they hate me is because I’m rich, and not that I could have been a b**** while drunk. But you only see that perspective when you’re looking within.

I mean you can’t brag about how happy you are and how jealous people are of you then do a show showing that your marriage is losing it’s passion and you drink to cope with the sadness. 

New Orleans is full of ghetto people and the bougie kids, and the Charmed fit right in with the latter. They’ll tell you that everyone is jealous of them without taking into consideration that maybe they’re just out of touch and anti-social. And most of their “progress” that people are so jealous of comes primarily from social connections and family name. Nepotism will always breed resentment and New Orleans is BUILT on nepotism.

Give that girl some D*** Barry! Stop being stingy! {Even though I know drunk breathe doesn’t exactly make you wanna kiss someone passionately}

That scene with Justin was triggering for me. When they were at the dinner table and Tamica was drunk {Again} and she started grilling Justin and his girl about marriage and he told the confessional she needs to redirect that energy at Barry. He was dead right. It’s always sexually frustrated housewives that like to get to the function and bully everyone because they aren’t getting fulfilled. But he did a great job of escorting her out of his business and he looked more than used to dealing with her awkward drunken moments.

That’s just my interpretation…..of the situation.

I’ll be here shading all season. Follow my social media for authentic Southern Shade!


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