There have been reports all over social media this week stating that rapper Mos Def, who now goes by Yassin Bey, has canceled his North American tour due to being blocked to re-enter the United States.  Well according to Times Live, a South African media publication, and Rolling Out those reports are completely false.

Bey moved to South Africa in 2013. Times Live reportedly spoke to a friend of Bey, who explained that there is no validity to claims that the star can’t return to his native country. Abdi “Whosane” Hussein is a longtime friend of the rapper and is also an American living in Cape Town, South Africa.

“[Mos Def] has never attempted to enter any country and been refused. It’s a complete lie,” says Hussein. “In fact, if there was anything criminal against you, they would invite you back so they could lock you up.”

Yasiin Bey is participating at the Re-imagination Creative Hub in Addis Ababa, part of the African Union’s “Agenda 2063″ global strategy to “optimize use of Africa’s resources for the benefit of all Africans.” According to Hussein, Bey’s work with the organization and several other projects led him to reschedule his anticipated concert appearances in America.

I’m inclined to believe this.  There just wasn’t much weight to the whole “The blocking Mos Def from coming home” story. There were no facts and no official word and frankly I rebuked it from my spirit. I’m sure whatever he is working on over there he fully intends to bring back to his American brothers! He’ll be back when he’s ready, but I love these words he gave on his move to South Africa

For a guy like me, with five or six generations from the same town in America, to leave America, things gotta be not so good with America. There are some beautiful places in America. I love Brooklyn. New York City needs to thank Brooklyn every day just for existing. That’s how I feel about it. It was a hard thing to leave home. But I’m glad I did.

Sounds like it would do more of a lot of good to branch out more.  No need to die where we were born, especially if this isn’t our home anyway!

Source~ Rolling Out, Hip Hop DX

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