Greetings Qool Hive! Another week and another episode of  “Kickin’ it with VQ” on Hot 107.3 New Orleans on The Big Abe Morning Show. This week was all about celestial events as we discussed the solar eclipse and the passing of legendary civil rights icon Dick Gregory.

Before we honored Dick we had to shout out all the naysayers who shaded the excitement of the solar eclipse then realized it actually is kinda of a big deal and thought they could see it without NASA approved solar glasses. { Shoutout to STEMnola for making sure my family had our’s. It was an event we won’t forget}

After that we discussed the passing of another celestial body in the black community. Mr. Dick Gregory who I had the honor of speaking with 2 years ago and got some great advice regarding being somewhat of a rebel among my peers like hisself. You can listen to those words at this link INTERVIEW after you listen to the audio below.

It’s always great to hangout with Big Abe and I’ll be doing a lot more of just that this fall with the expansion of “Kicking it with VQ” to new days. Follow me on social media and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Thanks for listening, sharing, and supporting The VitaminQ and “Kicking it with VQ” on Hot 103.7 New Orleans!

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