So I’m scrolling my feeds like everyone else trying to get through Mondays and scroll passed the reason doves cry. Dancehall singer and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star “Spice” deleted her entire Instagram feed and previewed her on new post.

“Nothing wrong with a fresh start.” is how she began the caption to her bewildered and confused fans.  She did “Go Live” to explain the sudden change in appearance and promote her new mixtape.

First reports suggested the photos could have been photoshop, but as you can see from the live video that truly is the color of her skin right now. Could it be makeup?

If I were to try and give sis the benefit of the doubt I’d say that Jamaica has a skin bleaching epidemic right now. With man islander completely whitening their skin. Perhaps she’s “bringing awareness” to how ridiculous it looks.  I need for that to be the answer. Because ANY other answer is unacceptable.

What is also unacceptable is her deleting her entire history of being dark skin from Instagram then popping up with phrases of starting over and thinking that’s how life works.

Sis CANNOT be serious!

I don’t even want to think of the chemicals that have to be used to turn such rich chocolate skin that off-white closed-casket matte color. You know how hard it is trying to educate people on breast cancer just to watch black women expose themselves to every manmade carcinogen caucasians invent? Skin bleaching. Breast implants. Ass Shots. Weave Glue. Relaxer. All the women are consuming it in mass consumption while wondering why so many of us are dying of cancer.

I’m also tired of watching this bionic beautification that black girls and women have embraced while bragging about “natural beauty” and being strong and self confident and empowered. it’s just had for me to see black people with plastic surgery as strong as confident. Sorry.


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You know my whole issue? Jamaica is a country so homophobic that they literally kill gays in the street and blacks defend it by saying they’re just trying to “keep the race strong”, but it’s also a country where the melanated people are bleaching their skin white, wearing blonde weaves and colored contacts and will explain to you very intelligently why white skin is better. The dichotomy of that is astounding.

But I’m begging Mona Scott not to bring this thang back on t.v. I’m tired of seeing mutilated black bodies on reality t.v.

BUT, but like I said, I’m hoping Spice is making a statement about the skin bleaching epidemic. That would be amazing performance art I could get behind. Please God. Make that so.

Qmunity do you think Spice bleached or could it be makeup to “bring awareness”?

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