French Montana has really been feeling his beat ever since he started rolling with the Kardashian Koven, but he may have come for the wrong one this time. Everyone knows that French leads the pack of Instagram attention whored, but he got carried away when he posted this pic of Tichina Arnold on his page.

Tichina was having None.Of.It., and posted a pic of French on her page with the following passage


11 hours ago

Man oh man. Mr. Montana, I’ve perused (read through with thoroughness and care) your#instagram profile description, pictures & posts… but despite my determined effort, I STILL don’t have a CLUE to one very simple question… “Who ARE you?”.. I mean other than reading that you’ve dated a Kardashian, and you seem to enjoy taking extraneous pictures with LEGITIMATE celebrities, I’m baffled (perplexed, confused) as to WHO you are & WHAT you actually DO? How do you contribute to society? What do you do to HELP those in need? What philanthropic works have you done? Are you on the board of any charitable organizations? Do you posses your own charitable organization? Do you own your name? How many of your followers are actually REAL followers and not computer generated? Oh.. And one other thing, if you are gonna post or repost things about other people (such as myself). FYI: Maybe you should put more effort into aligning yourself with people who can ASSIST you with building your brand for longevity, only THEN will you be prepared to (as your boy Martin would so clearly put it) “Stomp with the big dogs”. But either way, I’m pleased to know you are a true fan of the Martin show despite what criticisms you have. Your continued support is proof that for over 30 years, I have CONTRIBUTED something of VALUE on television to many people (including yourself) and many generations and hopefully more to come. Hit me up and maybe I can hook you into individuals who have “Serious Inquiries” regarding hiring you. I just need to know what exactly it is that you are SELLING, because unfortunately, I STILL don’t know. Keep your head up & GOD Bless! TICHINA … Oh! One more thing, if you know of anyone who has an auto immune disease such as#Lupus, go check out my 501c3 organization at – Unfortunately thousands of women (and men) battle with this constant life threatening #autoimmune #diseaseeveryday. It would be AMAZING if you made a donation instead of losing 40k in one on one basketball bets with your cohorts. Your positive & monetary support would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Tichina you can’t let Trade get you all out of your character like this.  No one takes French Montana seriously.  He dates a Kardashian for goodness sake. I truly hope he accepted the seat that you offered him. I don’t believe he had any business coming for you like that (even though you were looking a hot mess).  His old lady’s ex is a crack head , and he glorifies selling cocaine.  It has to be hard being ridiculed by a person like that when you’re trying to fulfill a higher purpose, and instead of clapping back like a chicken head you used the opportunity to educate and challenge which doesn’t go unnoticed by me. Sadly, I’m sure the message went way over his head.

Qmunity what did you think of Tichina’s response?  Appropriate or petty?

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