Donald Trump threw an African American outreach event in Cleveland Wednesday and was able to drag Don King out looking like everything Vincent Price warned us about.

michael-jackson-thriller-oAs Trump chuckled in the background, Don King told a cute little ditty about the time he warned Michael Jackson of the perils of being a “poor” negro and a “Dancing, and sliding, and gliding n—–!”

Ironically that wasn’t the most offensive part of his tap dance. The most offensive part came right before when he began to tell African Americans how much they needed to vote for Trump. What’s ironic is how Trump goes from  his Police Union audience promising to be the Law and Order candidate then pays a a room full of homeless blacks to show up to represent some sort of Black outreach photo op.

I know this was Omarosa’s idea. I can smell her all over this.

Nothing shows you more what people think of you than who they choose to represent you. If Donald Trump believes that Don King is an influence in the black community, or even that he should be, shows just how ambivalent he is to truly learning anything about the American people.

He’s made a mockery of what…I guess…was already a mockery.

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