“A snowflake is one of God’s most fragile creations” This is the story of one of his most fragile and insignificant. Ryan Redsky.


Another day another block by Facebook’s racist and biased community standards enforcement algorithm. At this time it’s no secret that Facebook’s community standards really only protect white male racism. It’s why white nationalists and American Nazis can promote the dehumanization and genocide on minorities and different religious groups with no problem but posts calling them a bigot will get you 30 days in Facebook jail. We know this. But Facebook is like America. We’re here. It’s racist. Everyday we log in we permit it. So I stopped complaining about it because no one is forcing me to be here.

But what I’m seeing now that we have a Nazi President is an uptick of white nationalists, aryrans, Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen and other hate groups organizing to combat black people.

If you haven’t noticed your “cool white friends” have gone from saying hate groups don’t exist to now boldly proclaiming they stand against “hate groups” but especially the NAACP, ACLU, and Black Lives Matter….then they’ll throw out a real hate group as a way of calling civil rights groups protecting the rights of the disenfranchised are labeled with terrorists since they’re hand is forced in admitting they’re families are all Hitler groupies.

What I don’t think people know is just how vigorously these whites attack black pages and black free thought. The data from hundreds of black bloggers who have their pages yanked in comparison to hate pages by white American Nazis having long thriving lives has been the inspiration of many well written articles detailing these practices. We report and Facebook tells us no terms were violated.

For me I get at least 10 a day. You ignore it. You stop checking your messages, and you keep going. But I do feel a responsibility to at least document this trend that’s only getting worse. What it represents is that there are white men…..WHITE MEN who feel like they’re feelings aren’t being coddled enough, and that’s a very scary thought.

Like Ryan Redsky of Ontario Canada for example. Whose life seems to consists of touring the planet, getting drunk, and being offended by The VitaminQ calling out white American racism.

I don’t engage or politely debate with fragile white snowflakes. One thing I do know is that a white man who travels the world and feels like he’s being discriminated against has lost all touch with reality and lives in his own dimension. I did see lots of examples of alcohol consumption, so when I got his manic message I chalked it up to white drunkenness.

It was lots of this


And this…..

And this

That’s not supremacy

They’ve created this narrative that their “supremacy” is being attacked…..and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

They feel persecuted and they are going to use their white privilege to tell you so.

Engage for what? Debate for what? Any white person telling you they believe Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are more racist than David Duke and Donald Trump is not going to have an honest conversation with you.

Their new modus operandi is to speak lies and double truths. You can even tell which white nationalist sect they belong to by which Trump coded sound bites they use. You see them all falling into the same racist, coded, group think.

And it’s even the liberals. Especially the liberals. Many of them believe that because they volunteered their winnings from beer pong one time it gives them the right to talk to People of Color anyway they want to. They also feel it their duty to police BlaQ Qulture in these Digital Streetz the same way they call themselves neighborhood watch one night when they want to kill black kids. You’ve watched them rationalize black death after black death and now they tell you calling out white supremacy is “hate speech.”

And it’s always from dummy accounts. They teach them well at the klan lodge. I don’t even believe Ryan is a real person. But to me he represents the face of Fragile White Supremacy. How can something so weak possibly think it’s superior?

Many of these new white members of millennial hate groups don’t like the facts that their hoods have been yanked off, and the behavior you are seeing now is producing the Ryan Sedskies, Rob Bechtolds, and all those other former “cool white friends” who now feel like “We were good to you niggers” and because we haven’t thanked them for rescuing us from Africa it is now their duty to bring us to a heel.

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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