Mr. and Mrs. Carter were “On the Run” in New Orleans this weekend.  Since they first debuted together as the modern-day “03 Bonnie & Clyde,” the Royal hip-hop and R&B sensation are still embracing the characters of these iconic criminals, co-headlining their latest tour.  While the theme itself has been done many times, nobody can do it better than Beyoncé and whoever she chooses to do it with (in this case her husband).

On the Run5

It doesn’t take a music expert to review this show.  You really can’t expect to see a show that’s anything less than stellar from two of the richest and most famous celebrities in the world.  They gave you what you came for and it’s appreciated that they can be artistic without leaving the audience in confusion about what’s going on…No Shade.  This time they added a movie to show.  In addition to watching the dynamic duo perform countless hits together and individually including:  “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” “Big Pimpin,”  “Crazy in Love” to “Drunk in Love” (at which point the audience made loudly clear how well they surfboard)”, “99 Problems,” “Holy Grail,” and the list goes on; we got to watch them act out their movie romance onstage.  Kill Bill and Old Hollywood themes are merged together except this time done by black people. Bey covered Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor.” Lauryn’s been struggling lately so perhaps Bey was just trying lend a helping hand and show support.  Surprisingly, one thing that her cover did expose is that the show lacked the level of soul needed to match this superior onstage production.


Visually, the show was stunning and even seemed to be photoshopped in real time.  The special effects were phenomenal and in a venue as large as the Superdome the sound was crystal clear.  There were numerous wardrobe changes very similar to those we’ve already seen in videos and previous performances including Bey rocking leather body suites and wedding dresses and Jay still convinced that 40 is the new 30 with his hip hop/rocker style.  In NOLA fashion, audience members also showed up in costumes; some ladies appeared to get outfits custom made for the show.

stage pic

This “act” (especially what seems to be the reality TV-like marriage between the two) was definitely well worth seeing but if you have to wait until HBO picks up like they just did the last tour don’t worry it comes made for TV too!

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