So this really cool video has gone viral, and let’s all be honest. We need SOMETHING to get us away from the Solange Elevator CyberApacolypse we’ll all been trapped in this week. Check this cat out and he can show anyone in the room **coughs** BEYONCE **coughs** what real “Ride or Die” and “Bonnie and Clyde” means because sometimes you just gotta let a Bytch know what it’s hittin’ faw!

From Live Leak

A boy and his mother were in their front yard, playing and watering the plants. The neighbor’s dog was let out of its backyard enclosure, seemingly by accident. The dog spotted the boy from across the yard and stalked up behind him. The boy never saw the attack coming. The dog clamped on to his leg and began dragging the boy. That’s when the family’s cat took action.

Responding police officers stated that if this had been their own son, the call response would have been for “Shots fired.”

Uploaded with permission.

UPDATE: Why does the mom leave the son? : The dog continues to linger on the other side of the SUV. She is trying to run it off while simultaneously trying to get the attention of the neighbor who is also in his driveway. In doing so, she also gets bit by the dog. Both the cat and the mom are bad-ass.

What type of dog? – He is a medium breed mut of some kind.

Dog’s Status: He is in public quarantine. I will post his fate when it is decided by officials.

Knew cats could handle their business, but I didn’t know they went hard in the paint like this.


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