I’m not team Nicki, but I’m not really seeing it for Remy Ma either. I know her fans would like to believe that prison release would bring about some New Age in female rap, but in my opinion she falls right in line with what’s trending while pretending to be a trendsetter.

Exhibit P:


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Here’s my thing with her. She copies everyone’s tricks while pretending to be some elder in this game that she never was. Everyone keeps telling me she’s this amazing battle rapper that deserves our praise and adoration for her verse on “Lean Back”, but I’m not quite sold yet. I know “Shether” was supposed to do that but I found it to be a long, run on sentence by an obsessed fan more than a Hip Hop classic. Overhyped by hypebeasts with their own personal agenda. {Nevermind mind that agendas are “sponsored” everyday now that social media is a digital ad-whore}

She also likes to pretend she’s all into black love until she gets bored and throws shots at someone. Then jumps right back into black love or hashtagging melanin to get all the dark skin girls on her team. She plays it very safe. And nothing could be safer than borrowing from Cardi’s playbook and remixing a Kodak song?

Everyone is wondering who these shots are directed at and it could be anyone. Nicki, Cardi, or even Azealia Banks {Who actually described Remy thee most accurately anyone ever has, but we demonize her because its the hypebeast approved thing to do. She very rarely lies tho. Her delivery is trash, but these days however you get the truth out is just how it needed to be done}.

At least the track she’s “remixing” this time is from the 21st century. Nostalgia seemed to be the crutch keeping her in a rutt. Personally it’s still too safe and cookie cutter, and she needs something big after that “Wake Me Up” belly flop. Black Love won’t sell the albums Hypebeats make you think it will sis! #MayTheOdds

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