20 years ago today September 13, 1996  Tupac’s  mother Afeni Shakur made the decision to allow Pac’s Spirit to fly free. To complete his transition to the other side in the same free manner that he lived, Free.  Afeni stated that PAC had died and come back twice and that he was such a free spirit she released him to be the free spirit that he was. He drew his last breath and expired from his body. PAC was Assassinated in Las Vegas, at East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane intersection at 11:15 p.m on 9/6/96. He passed away 6 days later from wounds from a .40-caliber Glock four times, twice in the chest, once in the hand, and once in the thigh. 

University Medical Center of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada is where Pac drew his last breath on his earth on Friday, September 13, 1996.

20 years later I personally believe it was a Government hit to silence his voice, political aspirations, and to mute the awakening of a generation of people who loved TUPAC realness and his ability to always speak truth to power in such a fearless manner. His ability to have brought together different generations had to be extinguished.

I’m going to take a stroll back down memory lane where we will celebrate the life of Times of Tupac Shakur, The  young student Tupac,  the the Militant Black Poet,  Prophet, friend, son, rapper, actor, musician, Tupac Amaru Shakur. I don’t want to re-hash stories of all the things we’ve seen and heard before. I want to show different segments of his life, how he thought, what he believed, how loyal he was to his craft. How he believed in writing things down and plans of actions.

Alot of folks love to say Pac is still alive, he’s in Cuba, He’s in Africa, Alleged sightings all around the world. I can assure you that with Pac’s self-proclaimed big big mouth, there is no way he would fake his death and live somewhere and his people are struggling and dying out here.  In actuality, TUPAC was cremated, and his ashes were passed down to all those whose life he had touched in his 25 short years on the planet. Ashes were scattered behind the home PAC brought for his mom in Atlanta, some was sprinkled on the farm in North Carolina where Afeni resided until her death in May 2016. Aunt Glo’s yard in Atlanta was sprinkled with Pacs remains as well as in Harlem at his cousin Ingrid Cox home,  where PAC spent his early years on 125th Street between 7th & 8th  Avenues, the same block Malcolm X would often speak.

TUPAC also requested that some of his ashes were to be mixed with weed, rolled in a blunt, and smoked by the Outlawz at the memorial held for the family at the home of Jasmine Guy. The remainder of the Ashes were scattered in the sea in a private ceremony with close friends and family in Malibu.

( See directions PAC created to get to exact spot).


Pac was very detailed as you can see, all the way down to where the exact spot he wanted to be in to celebrate his life at the end. Malibu, California.

Tupac was a writer from the very beginning. A talent that was obviously nurtured by his mother from the beginning. This was a mother who wrote her own legal briefs from a prison cell pregnant with a young Tupac in her womb. Let’s take a look back at a Essay Pac wrote entitled ” Conquering All Obstacles with Tupac Shakur”.







Ever wanted to go into the Mind of Pac when he’s thinking about Music, and planning his albums, and just the funny stuff he’d say and write?  Take a look at this NoteBookk which he entitled ” Tales of a 90’s Nigga”. Check it out below and check out Pac writing his own video treatments, something that rap artists don’t do today. They just rent out rooms to install “Green Screens” and make videos now days.








Folks from Los Angeles will see this address and know it was Green Spot.


When Pac went to Prison for he had so many people writing letters and speaking on his behalf. One such family Robert Torres, father of Joshua Torres, whose son, Joshua was named on Pac’s publishing, ” Joshua’s Dream”.  Here’s a look at the letter that Robert Wrote on behalf of Tupac back in 1994.  Joshua’s brother, Dominique also wrote this Judge on behalf of Pac. He was such a well- beloved person, many folks jumped at the chance to speak up for the person he was.







There was a lot of chatter about the ” infamous contract from Jail” that Pac reportedly signed on a napkin from jail.  Here’s the actual contract that was written by Pac in his handwriting on a “Note-Pad”. Let’s clear up the 20 year history that he just signed a contract on a napkin while giving his life away. As you can see he was very specific in what he wanted. pac-deathrow-contract-1pac-deathrow-contract-2




Pac had so many plans once he became free. He wrote so much while locked up. The day he was released and spent some time at the Beverly Hills Peninsula where you can see his mind was on his money and his money was on his mind. So many rappers today claim to never write anything down, they have photographic memory. Well if that’s true, don’t look for anything like this to surface 20 years after the deaths of your favs.


Pac was also talented in the Studio as a Producer. He knew what he wanted, he wrote it down, and other’s saw to it that it met his standards. One thing you can see about Pac and the creative process he knew exactly what he wanted and executed flawlessly every time.



How many up and coming Producer’s would love to receive this from Pac to get working on. Pac and Johnny J made magic together and I know they are all in Ghetto Heaven pushing out hits still.

Pac was very excited about his new material. Life all Manifestors, he wrote everything down.







Pac was also working on an album called ” One Nation”.  As Tupac said: “I was born on the east coast, I love the east coast.“ Pac collected rap artists from the East coast and the recording session that wanted to issue. This session the called “One Nation“

one nation 2pac album cover

“‘Pac felt like New York people wasn’t really fucking with him, and Tek and Steele was like, they had fucked with him,” Buckshot said. It would be the liner notes of Smif-N-Wessun’s debut album, Dah Shinin’ and subsequent shout outs of, “Keep Ya Head Up” that would ultimately unite the two parties. But unlike most instances involving those who would one day like to work with Tupac musically, ‘Pac was the one who initially reached out. This was the one album that Pac believed would bring East & West  Coast together, sadly that did not come to fruition until many years after his death.


Ever wanted to know what “Pac’s Shopping List would look like if he did his own shopping?


Pac was also the type of Man that took care of his family even back then. Pac had a company called Euthanasia and it was his Production company. He took care of family even back then as a  new artist. He even carved out money to put on the books of Germino Pratt, and Mtulu Shakur.


Incidentally, Prior to Pac’s death in 1996, Pac had an idea for a music themed eatery called ” Powamekka Cafe”. He created a logo and even came up with a menu. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his untimely death, Take 3 Burgers in Fresno, California is doing a ” Pop Up Restaurant” on this date. The menu will include items created specifically for this date and takes it’s inspiration from some of Pac’s biggest hits.  The restaurant will also feature a ” Tupac themed Art Show” as well as local performers performing their favorite songs from Pac’s Massive catalogue.


If you were one of Pac’s homies and you were locked up, more than likely he was writing to you to tell you to keep your head up and when you get out he would make sure you were good. Here’s a letter to one of his homies ” Big Lock”.



Pac loved to write, he was always writing poems and capturing his feelings.





What would Pac say  today if he could say anything to any of us.

I’m pretty sure his Spirit is aware of the “Meme Age” and that’s sadly, how we communicate and that’s the current world  we live in. Every Artwork I’ve ever done has featured chess board, I believe it’s how he views all of this  and this is definitely what he preached while he was here and still would be screaming the same were he here with us today in the physical. pac-speaks-the-real

And the Solution…



( Marinate on That).


Also, in closing, let’s address this as well.



Rapper, Lil Yachty, who has emerged as one of the leading hip hop artists of today and I honestly don’t know why. In a recent interview Yachty  revealed that he “honestly couldn’t name five songs” from Tupac Shakur, who in my opinion is one of the best to ever pick up a mic.

yachty I wouldn’t never admit to anyone I couldn’t name any songs by Tupac, 20 years after the death of Tupac no one would’ve thought that the genre of rap would be on life support, thanks to folks like J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Tech-9. It’s the height of disrespect #1 to not to be able to name a elder and now “Ancestor” who paved the way for your career and in part everything he went through as an artist the younger millennials take for granted. Tupac’s life has garnered classes at Ivy League colleges. Tupac has sold over 75 Million records worldwide with the majority of those coming after his death. Seven of his eleven albums were released posthumously. I think for a person that had such fire and spark for the youth to be able to be so ignorant today, respect must be given. Study up on the life and times of Tupac and never ever do an interview when you know nothing about  our Hip Hop Martyr. Respect him enough to be able to answer a question, name a song. He died for many of you raggedy rapper millennials and disrespect for his legacy and what he stood for will not be tolerated on this day or any day.


Big Ups to Tupac Shakur for living his truth the 25 years this earth was graced with his presence. He always called himself a ” Living Legend” and it’s true, he has stood the test of time, his music stands the test of time, everything he said has come to pass. He was prolific in his words. He was the kind of person that’s not born very often. If you see a future Tupac, or gave birth to a future Tupac, love them, nurture them, support them, give them outlets in the Arts, travel, give love, give compassion, give empathy. This is how we make sure that out greats are not lost to us at 25 years.


Rest in Black Power My Sweet Tupac……. Love You Strong, Tupacca Amira Shakur



( Credits: Tupacca Amira Shakur Collection, Amaru Entertainment, Jamal Joseph, Tyler Reed)


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