Greetings Qool Hive! You know….we’re forced to ignore some real Fake Shyt we see in these Digital Streetz of Social Media. And for the most part we do a great job. But every now and then we have to call a spade a spade and that’s the situation I find myself in when observing the dragging that Raven Symoné for a post she made on her Instagram page regarding the picture circulating of all the white -approved black people at JayZ‘s Grammy Roc Nation Brunch party!

Now notice that all Raven did was share the picture with emojis. The words expressed in the quote were written by Speech of Arrested Development. Here’s his original post.

Then the narrative began to be “These are just successful black men in fellowship.” If that’s how we want to spin it then fine. Let’s just not lose sight of how that success came about. And I’m not going to throw respectability politics into it. I smoke weed, and I buy that weed from a “drug dealer.”  It’s not even about that for me. What it’s about is how we keep calling those who WHITE SUPREMACY puts on pedestals as our visions of black success.

Personally, it’s just a picture. It’s not that deep. But in “social media culture” any picture of rich blacks becomes goals, and then those “goals” are rammed down our throats and it becomes everyone’s reality. It’s brainwashing, group think and conditioning on steroids. And very scare how The BlaQs then start all posting the same cliché responses. {Pod People}. The hypebeasts force you to make a response. And it’s odd how everyone is supposed to accept massa’s chosen boys as their heroes. But that’s still not the point of this blawg. The point of this blog {finally} is how everyone jumped on Raven for something she didn’t even say because they knew she was the easier target. 

First up we had T.I. {The Agent} with his Southwest Atlanta basic buck wisdom. I used to REALLY like T.I. before he became whatever this is now where he thinks that he’s the model for lightskin success we should all be striving for. I feel like he jumps on any bandwagon he can for clicks and follows, but when he’s caught in some negguh shyt he retreats and plays like he’s on a religious pilgrimage. It’s Hyper-hypocritical, but that’s our society today. As long as someone is cute and rich and on paper has it together we ignore the fact that they are a total fraud. Like the affairs, and the street fights, and the marital problems. But since he was front row smiling wide he felt obliged to comment.

My whole thing is this.  I don’t particularly like the person Raven Symoné has become, BUT I won’t say that she’s done some of the degenerate things T.I. has done over the last couple years. Meme wisdom really can’t be applied to everything. TAnd this response was a perfect illustration of what’s making T.I. so insufferable. He’s always dropping prison yard philosophy. And {No shade} it’s because he’s spent a lot of time on the prison yard. I mean…you’re literally an ex-con telling law abiding citizens you’re no worse than them. If you have some tea on Raven buying illegal firearms for crimes that you keep hidden then you gotta spill it. But it seems in the black community it’s become a noble thing to sell crack and pussy in your childhood as long as you make a hit rap song about it and take a picture with Beyoncé. {That’s literally what black success is now. Taking a picture with either Beyoncé, JayZ, Oprah, Or and Obama}.

But, and I mention again, all Raven did was share it. Did he @ Speech letting him know how he felt? And if he did then why isn’t that response on all the blogs? The Root is quick to grab for the low hanging fruit these days {ever since telemundo bought em out}, but all that means to me is they are another voice of the man. And the man now tells us which blacks to like and which not to like. And because the black community decided they don’t like Raven and she’s the approved target. And that’s where Charlamagne the Goddess had to swoop in with her perpetual Wendy Williams impersonation.

How do you get a Donkey of the Day for SHARING someone else’s words? That’s like a retweet. But Miss Charlamagne does not like coming for men. Sure he addressed Speech, but he was humble, contrite, and even passive. Then he got right back on Raven. Using her as an excuse to dick stroke all the guys he likes. That’s what all of this is really about. Celebrity Dick Stroking. The black masonic, hand chosen by the white elite, and their minions are really good and pushing their agenda while ignoring the facts. Next week this same black circle will will be trying to sound all smart talking about how complex and covert white supremacy is.

I just think we’re all getting fake, and maybe it’s because we have all these fake, boulé blacks pretending to the pictures of success when they are all just well-paid foot soldiers in the war against us. Because NEVER forget this….If they were THAT revolutionary they would NOT BE THERE!

And I think the point is being severely overlooked and we’re being gaslighted by the boulé blacks. The point isn’t even the character of the men here. It’s that their content promotes a a white supremacist agenda. And it does by default because these whytes would not invest in it and promote it if it didn’t. So, they are successful. At “playing their positions.”

I’ll close with this. We’ve all formed our little clicks based off who we like, and {more significantly} who we DON’T like, but sitting up lying for our faves and bashing others for things they didn’t do just feels to WHITE to me. So, for that fact alone, I’m convinced it’s an agenda and maybe we should start judging a situation as it is and not what the bandwagon says.

And we better be real careful that “Black Social Media” doesn’t become some homogenous echo chamber of imitation blackness based off of images of people that aren’t even real. But I fear it’s too late.

What about you guys? Did Raven warrant the full dragging or were the boys just too scared to address the real author?





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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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