The last week has been crazy in the Digital Streetz. I’m not sure what about Uranaus moving  into Taurus has triggered the Racist Beckies, but they have been acting a goddamn fool. Not all of em, but too many to ignore. {I know how everyone hates being “lumped in” with their demographic} Especially in the Qulture of “me too”, “time’s up” and all the other hashtags women are using because they’re mad Hillary didn’t get elected to bring awareness to women’s issues. And I am ALL FOR women who have suffered these severe crimes to receive justice. But how can we possibly ignore these educated, polished, seemingly normal women who we watch call the police on blacks doing NOTHING? We can’t

Let’s start with Yale graduate student Sarah Braasch, Philosophy PhD student, who called the cops on fellow Yale University student Lolade Siyonbola for falling asleep in the common areas. She also called the cops on Lolade’s {Black} friend a few months ago for getting lost in the same building. Sarah’s Twitter found receipts she bragged on social media about arguing FOR slavery in a debate with a debate team in the past. She also was adamant, like our next woman, that calling the police was the ONLY option when you see a black person in common spaces you only want to see whites in.

As was the case with Dr. Jennifer Schulte, who is currently employed at Stanford University, who called the cops on a black family barbecuing in an Oakland, California park. The woman harassed the family then started crying when cops showed up and say she was the one who was harassed. The video of that exchanged showed how women can go from being the provoker and aggressor to the damsel in the matter of moments in order to get sympathy from police.

But let’s not forget Canadian Qulture vulture and Youtube “comedian” Nicole Arbour and her tacky, tasteless, white woman’s remix to “This Is America.”  In her tone deaf video she disrespects the original subject matter with turning it into a cheeky “pretty white girls have it so bad” satire. When she was confronted with her leftist racism she complained of all the black woman tears on her feeds.

These are just a sample of the micro-aggressions from the past week. And in all of these occurrences you have a white woman who bullied, harassed, or inserted themselves into a situation they had absolutely no authority to enter, and when they were met with objection they went into complete defense/victim mode. 

This is the OTHERside of “Me Too” that women refuse to acknowledge. Women love to smugly say that “women wouldn’t lie about rape” to shame everyone into believing absolutely everything women say without questions, but what about the hundreds of black bodies that swung from southern trees based off nothing more than some white woman’s word? Ask Emmitt Till if a woman would lie.

Why is “shaming” to ask sorority girls to watch their drink, but not call them out for shaky credibility? I feel like the accusations made against black men that they deserve more consideration than mob-emotion. It’s becoming so that whatever the trend is this week is what they law is and we decide everything so publicly that we lose our grasp on the actual law (if justice was every truly a principle of this land cursed with the blood of natives and slaves}.

Over the years I have attracted the disdain of feminists from every foul pit of the internet for merely agreeing with them and admitting that men and women are both humans, and BOTH are capable of lies, gaslighting, jealousy, and evil.

I just feel like so many devious people have learned how to manipulate and “spin” scenarios right before our eyes that crucifying people based on a couple of sad stories and tears can set us back to the lawless days where the noose was the trial and jury.

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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