Title was a little overdramatic but that’s kinda how I do.

Happy New Year New Gotham! 

{New Gotham: A term The Vitamin Q uses to describe the Digital American Capital that social media immediately transports us into. Most times it’s New Orleans, his home location, but can be used to include all of America…since it’s all the same personality now}

It’s been a while since I’ve last officially logged these Qulture Sagas. So much has happened. All bad of course. But if I were to be completely honest…it’s the only way it could have went.

I’m often called The Mad Blogger {among other things} because I’m often real fuQQing mad, but surprisingly I’m not so much anymore. You see I realize I wasn’t mad. I was anxious. I felt we could change the course that we were on. We tried to initiate The Shift. And we did…and then it was hijacked! Now I’m like that grandmother who tried providing the best for all her little girls and they all went and had babies for drug dealers. Absolutely no reason getting worked up trying to save something so hellbent on destroying itself. 

There was a moment where things were sincere and organic. But once the frumpy, talentless kids realized how much attention you can get from a well cropped pictured captioned with a sad story the modern black movement became one of exploitation and pity-pandering. So yes I made up the word “Respectabilitism.” Could you think of one better for what we’re seeing in these Digital Streetz? 

It became all about images and recreation. The Black-“ists” started “acting out” old civil rights protests footage and {in my opinion} just became a DarQ CirQus. They’ll come for me. They always have. Especially those misandrists who call themselves feminists. I can’t stand any of them and don’t even pretend. I never felt they blogged I felt they just kind of shared the notes from their group therapy sessions. They then used word acrobats to connect every idiosyncrasy about themselves to slavery and Egyptian Pharaohs.

It got redundant.

It made me mad…then bitter.

Here we had this tool and all many of us wanted to do with it was express what a crux BlaQ life has been for them while simultaneously exclaiming how lit, magical, and omnipotent we were. Any photo someone could find of a human with chocolate skin doing absolutely anything became the moment’s poster child for blackness. We were told we needed to do this because we were insecure and telling each other how beautiful we were would solve this. The only problem is I was never insecure about my looks. And I damn sure never felt like I missed out on a good life because I wasn’t born white.

Then of course we got a minimum 2000 word essay from The Queens every time they felt like they weren’t getting their proper amount of daily sacrifice and worship.

Then the transexuals bathroom debates.

All of this created a vacuum in which Qultural carpetbaggers could sweep in and capitalize the most. I have several gangs who systematically report my Facebook pages for example. But you could report Buzzfeed in the same manner in won’t see the same results. Or WorldStar HipHop. Are either less offensive? 

So all of this contrived angst has led us to Donald Trump as President

The Conscious Kings Umar and Seti bickering Jenny women 

And Chris Brown and Soljah Boy planning fight dates

People have moved away from storytelling and honing talents because that’s a big investment only to have it present on some platform that will take it down when the competition spends all night reporting it.

This year things have to be done different. And here on my small little Digital Street I’m going to do things like I’d like to see them done. So this isn’t a Blog..it’s a narrative. My Qulture Sagas. Less about CliQbaits and Viral Loads and more about navigating through this shyt and making it interesting. 

Social media is completely infiltrated and controlled. Facebook and Twitter were the biggest impact on our Presidential election. We can get mad about Russian hackers but our own government has it’s hand in these platforms as well. 

I’ll close with saying this. I believe in free speech. I dislike hate speech, but I do think the more you try and suppress it the more tangible it gets. America got drunk on respectability politics under Obama. Our black community especially drank the over-intellectualism kool-aid. Where did it get us?

Art has never been Qreated by these goody two shoe blacks you’re letting act as our gatekeepers now. I believe it should be used as an extension of talent or support. But it’s like that really cool club just away from all the commotion of downtown. Once all the undesirables hear about it…it isn’t Qool anymore.

It feels contrived because it is.

What we’re left with presently are the kids who are good at imitation, polishing, and being unoffensively offensive. Politely outspoken. Hollow words to build brands based on a need for attention and not an actual body of work. It’s very representative of society. The BlaQ actors that make it are the ones that don’t upset the status quo. But on the extreme you have the anarQists who only wanna see it burn because they live in hell. We did all that protesting and didn’t even have our own candidate. And where are all those “groups” now? The ones who can be across country protesting in an hour’s notice? The ones who helped work Trump’s base up just as much as he did? Was it never strange that even when those antics weren’t working and were in fact making things worse they continued with them anyway? And we were forbidden for suggesting a change of course because “at least they were doing something

So after all of the black excellence photo ops

The 8,965 slays of the Obamas

The Entertainment powerhouse of The Carters

Daily Melanin Worship

973,678 miles of Black Lives Matter marching

89,456,890 words in essays on black pain

The boycott and celebration of every black man that made us mad

Here we are.

The Qulture Warz are upon us! May the odds be ever in your favor.




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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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