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So many people want to blame social media for the ills of society, but for me I think those labels are unfair.  Social media hasn’t made society worse.  It only held up a mirror to it.  Nothing is more user dictated that social media, and you can’t blame Facebook for making it a little easier for people to express exactly who they are. Facebook fights and Worldstar video fights would still go on with or without the ability to immediately upload it to the digital streets.

It’s a shame that petty, back-a-town mess has now left three small children without their parents, but I also wished their parents were more focused on being role models to their kids rather than fighting in the streets with people who don’t matter. 

Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5

I won’t speak ill of the dead, but I will urge young adults out there that when you become a parent there should be very few reasons to demean yourself to posting fist fights on your social media page.  The children are watching and losing in this ratchet, narcissistic war you’re having with yourself.

Now if you are going to continue with these little games.  Realize it’s just that. A game.  These ghetto Love and Hip Hop dramas you all contrive in your heads should never get so serious that people have to lose their life over it. If you didn’t like a video of yourself getting your ass dragged for carport and dirt roads then try not to find yourself in that situation. If you do, put into perspective and realize you have no right to take someone’s life just because you’re mad.


We caught all that shade the news team was trying to throw at the neighbors and family calling them sweet love birds then switching to the fight. That did not go unnoticed.

Qmunity how do you feel about it?  Is social media the cause or the reflection of society’s shortcomings?

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