Lately, when there’s a racial clash (and there seem to be sooo many these days) American media does this weird thing that I’m becoming more and more sick of. No matter how tense and dramatic the situation is they always seem to find an image that shows blacks “forgiving” or “catering” to whites in some contrived way to illustrate black passiveness and forgiveness of whatever injustice we seem to be fighting this week. 

(I’d like to take this time to point out the caption for the featured image up top.”Leroy Smith, the director of South Carolina’s Department of Public Safety, and an unidentified protester.”~ From People Magazine) Notice how they call him a “protester.” Oh you mean that grand wizard of the KKK out there in the sun about to pass out lighting crosses on fire and waving nazi flags?  What’s he protesting? not enough White Power?

It’s obvious what the intended narrative is here. “You rowdy negroes need to quit with all this backtalking and be good to us white masters and we’ll be good to you.” {Good like we’re good to a dog or something}.

No matter what the incident this image will always be found and always be shoved down our throats. Which on the surface looks like it’s finding a warm tender moment in spite of the hate and conflict of the current event, but if you notice this moment always comes at the expense of a black person being submissive to a white figure or in the case of the Baltimore Mom **hawks and spits** carrying out the enemy’s deeds for him.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’d love for us all to get along, but look at the recent “massacre” in South Carolina where the families of the victims were in such a rush to “forgive” the killer. Where else has that been done. I don’t hear anyone publicly forgiving the gunmen who just killed those four marines. In fact, they are calling for his head in the comments sections that I read. So, why is it so imperative to push this image to us that we could all get along if blacks would just give white people hugs, fetch them water, beat their unruly kids, or help them at Klan rallies when it’s too hot?

I’m over these staged photo-ops that don’t capture the full picture of what’s going on. Showing pictures of blacks forgiving whites for their kids being killed in the streets conveys the message that everything is ok…and everything is far from ok!

Qmunity do you all think they rush to push a narrative of black forgiveness to squash the tension and not deal with the issues at hand..or do you think they’re conditioning us for the fact that peace is conditional upon us turning the other cheek?

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