On last night’s episode of The Queen’s Court TS Madison and Khia prepared to bring Monique on the show to discuss her current Netflix fued. It ended with Monique playing auntie and mediating a meltdown between the two ladies all caused by technical difficulties.

The show started with the ladies in obvious disarray due to the technical issues while they prepared to interview Monique.

Shyt Happens. Everyone thinks The Queens should just keep it simple, but I respect their vision for the show. Maddy built a whole set and bought all the video and sound equipment needed to produce a show of quality product and sometimes the configuration has a mind of it’s own. That’s just the nature of independent production and electronics as a whole. Khia was still doing vlogs from her bathtub and sofa after all these years so it’s obvious she has no aspirations for higher production, but Maddy seems to be a perfectionist with an empathic heart. 


The hardest part about any of it is experiencing it in front of a crowd…which Maddy did with a lot of grace. Khia? Well Khia did something I never approve of. She left her teammate to fend for herself.

That’s an unforgivable offense and here’s why. If you celebrate wins as a team then you should go through the low points as well. And as uncomfortable as it may be to go through technical difficulties, it’s even worse to be abandoned to finish the show alone. And finish alone Maddy did despite the disadvantages. In Khia’s defense I do get the principle of “doing too much.” When you get a solid format down and outsiders come in offering more than they can deliver. I can honestly see how frustrating that would be, but for the sake of your teammate you push through then slice their asses out of the situation for next week. You don’t show the audience you’re not gonna stand with your team.

My only thing with Khia is for as tough as she acts she really can’t handle conflict. She thinks hanging up on people, talking louder over people, and blocking souls on social media is how to deal with the audience. I get it. Trolls are assholes. I’ve dealt with my share. But that’s just it. I’ve dealt with it. Madison dealt with it. Khia expects it easy. She’s cheesing and grinning when the buzz is high but as soon as something requires some elbow grease she checks out mentally. But just when you thought the awkwardness was over we find that Monique was continuing to record the rest of the broadcast on her personal periscope. It was here we heard Khia’s ambivalence and Maddy’s perfectionist breakdown. #MoMess


I really felt for Maddy here. I’d rather go into battle alone than to go into it thinking I have a team and I really am alone. She was completely abandoned here. it happens when people aren’t as passionate about the art as they are the attention. They only stick around for the good attention. But when things get tough they are out of there.

Keep it cute sis!

This was uncalled for, but Khia is always throwing shade at the gays then smiling in their face because it’s the only group still fuQQing with her. But The Gheys are used to dealing with the troubled and the wayward, so she’ll be back. Notice how Madison kept it very cool. Meanwhile, over on Khia’s page….

“Very Professional Bish”

The chic is petty to her core, and as much as I can’t stand her self-sabotaging ego I still hope she gets her shyt together and get’s back for the next show. We need that little demon. You don’t have to be a good person for me to like you or love you. {And yes the bish did block me on all her sites, but the show ain’t on her site now is it?}

So I’m here for all of it. ALL.OF.IT. I am a committed fan because I respect the ingenuity. And anyone that would see them stuck on that couch forever doesn’t love them. I think it’s rude to use our access to talent through social media to try and mold their art into what we want it to be. 

This was quality mess. We still got a hour show and everyone got their money’s worth. Queens Court is trending another week. MoniQue even made some friends and humanized herself in the process. This is some wholesome, ratchet shyt! I think we should keep it cute in the peanut gallery regarding black broadcasting. Especially since all our black platforms have to sellout to white platforms to meet your “high” standards.

Good job ladies. You have a loyal fan in New Orleans!

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Vitamin Q (VQ) is a writer, blogger personality, and a social commentator. He irreverently analyzes how social issues affect individuals in modern society by using sarcasm, humor, and intellect, creating his own unique blend of Southern SHADE, purely for the purpose of helping like minds cope. “I say it so you don’t have to!”
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