Usher’s accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, holds a press conference announcing that even though she did not contract herpes from Usher she is suing him for not telling her he had it when they had casual unprotected sex after one of his concerts.

From TMZ

A woman who is suing Usher for allegedly exposing her to genital herpes has come forward, saying Usher cherry-picked her out of a crowd at one of his concerts, got her number, went to her hotel and had sex with her without disclosing he allegedly had genital herpes.

Quantasia Sharpton appeared with celeb lawyer Lisa Bloom Monday morning, saying she was celebrating her 19th birthday at an Usher concert, wearing a birthday crown, when she was contacted by Usher’s security.

Sharpton says she’s negative for herpes but still feels violated.

Bloom went on to say she doesn’t know for sure if Usher has herpes but there are media reports saying just that and he has remained silent. 

Bloom is filing a lawsuit on behalf of 2 women and 1 man, all of whom claim they have had sexual contact with Usher since his alleged diagnosis. She says 1 of the remaining clients — either the man or woman — has tested positive for herpes.

Attorney Bloom went on to say she’s been contacted by others and may file additional lawsuits.

Bloom says one of the things she wants is a court order forcing Usher to reveal to his future sex partners that he has an STD … again, his health status has not been confirmed.

I have so many problems with this. After last week’s discussion about full disclosure I have to support people being completely honest with their sexual partners. BUT on the other hand I am a HUGE supporter of protecting YOURSELF at all costs. I am not ready to say that people are not responsible for their sexua choices which is is what Quantasia wants us all to say.

I want to know at what point in the conversation leading up to RAW SEX were STDs talked about. Were you lied to or did you not ask so you can claim plausible deniability? Were you hoping to get pregnant for the child support check and this is the next best thing? How can you prove that you had sex if you didn’t contract a disease? Are you not concerned with catching diseases by having RAW SEX with a man you just met an hour before and who you know travels and has sex with other women on the road?

I feel so conflicted. I constantly preach safe sex. You have to protect yourself even if someone says they are free of diseases. They could be lying or don’t know themselves. I believe there should be punishment for people who have been diagnosed and willingly or neglectfully pass something on to a partner. But I’m not ready to say that people who exhibit irresponsible sex practices deserve a payday. You don’t get rewarded for bathroom stall sex sis. That’s not how life works!

These will be the first type of women to say that down low men are giving them diseases. Which might be true being that its rumored a male accuser is coming forward on Usher, but what are women doing to protect themselves? Having raw sex with strangers is not a safe way to live life sis!

Another huge problem I have is the imagery of this. Usher has not publicly disclosed his status and this woman does not have herpes, but she ran to this white woman to sue and see what money she was entitled to…..”as a woman.”  This is sad. So sad on so many levels.

As a woman all you’re entitled to is what you got. That viral load!

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