Oh Steebie!  How long did you think your baby mama was gonna go along with you pretending to be Puff Daddy on Love and Hip Hop Atl while she struggled to take care of your babies? Huh?  How long did you think that was going to be cute?  I’ll give you a hint…Time’s Up!

From TMZ~

“Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Stevie J just learned a hard lesson about being a baby daddy … you rack up a million-dollar child support debt and you go directly to jail.

Here’s what landed Stevie J behind bars.  He and his live-in GF had a kid in ’97 and ’98.  In ’99 Stevie was ordered to pay around $6,600 a month in child support, which eventually was raised to $8500K.

According to the criminal complaint, Stevie J stopped paying in 2001 — he’s never paid a cent since then.  So now the tab is a whopping $1,107,412.

Cops nabbed Stevie J in Georgia (check out the video).  He’ll probably bail out soon but then has to face criminal charges in NYC.

A million dollars is a hell of a bill to rack up. I know everyone is in awe at the number and distracted by the mess, but for me Stevie’s situation mirrors so many similar arrangements in the urban community.  Here we have Stevie, who already has a tribe of children he isn’t supporting, filming reality shows that showcase the good life as if he is a young, single man.  He makes public appearances and does interviews to chastise Mimi for her sex tape and lack of mothering skills, but as it stands he isn’t shyt either.  The tragedy here is that he is a father because from the show you would never know it.

Examples like these are why I encourage responsible breeding in the urban community.  Children aren’t free, and raising them isn’t something you can put on hold because you’re still busy running the streets. I don’t know Stevie’s personal situation, but I my social media feeds are full of men and women who don’t make casual breeding sound like anything fun.  Many of my old classmates are just starting to see good money in their fields and they make that child support garnishment sound like an incurable STD. My usual response is “What were you thinking at the time?”  To which you’ll always hear some bullshyt that shows they gave no more care to creating a baby then they do picking out what flavored blunts to buy at the gas station. 

Now on the flip side of all of that, I will say that it deeply disturbs me how many women cheer when black men go to jail for child support.  As they keep saying, it took two to make those kids.  In so many ways, it just seems like these #NewMothers are just modern-day Mammies finishing massa’s jobs where he’s slacking.  I understand that it’s hard to raise kids without any financial help. I truly do.  That’s why my advice is always going to be to carefully evaluate who you let have raw sex on you.  Just like I tell men to wear condoms, I ask women to take birth control.  

Sometimes women see dollar signs when it comes to dudes with an iPhone money, and if you’re having babies in an effort to emotionally or financially trap someone then there is no righteousness inside of you either.  The daddy loses.  The mama loses.  The kids lose.  However, I’ll leave you all with three guesses who wins!

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