Let’s just be honest. This election cycle will go down as one of the most negative and divisive American times in recent history. 

On one hand there’s Cobra Commander screaming he’ll “Take out the Joes” and on the other hand there’s Claire Underwood whose political tentacles manipulate every facet of American life. 

After what looked like The Rise of The 5th Reicht at the RNC last week and then Democratic emails revealing an internal “plot” against Bernie Sanders just a day before the DNC Michelle Obama had a tall order to deliver on setting a productive mood at Political Lilith Fair this year…and I think she delivered!

Now I take all of this with a grain of salt {Thrown over my left shoulder}, so I’m not going to pretend that the speech gave me the “Hope and dream of the slave” feelz. I’m saying that she did a great job of getting the Qidz into Formation. 

I know the Bernie kids feel cheated, and in a way they kind of were. But they aren’t righteous in this either. Bernie galvanized preppy millennial psuedo-hipsters of the selfie generation with no real issues and plenty of angst. They needed to be galvanized and Hillary NEVER would have reached them. Bernie accomplished that, but I’m not sure he had what it takes for the long haul. But his supporters see Hillary Clinton as the wicked witch who isn’t looking much better than Cobra Commander. How do you begin a convention under these circumstances?

Enter Michelle!

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